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Sherry Wine Dinner with the Wines of Barbadillo
Barbadillo is located in the south of Spain, by the sea. It is a centuries-old winery, governed by tradition and the future. Join Tim Holt, winery repsentative of Barbadillo, at Binomio as he takes yo..
Sustainable Seafood Dinner with the Wines of Belondrade Y Lurton
Join Chef Daniel’s movement in the Sustainable Food movement with this Seafood Wine Dinner with the wines of Belondrade Y Lurton. Experience a 6 course meal, as Jean Belondrade, winemaker of the..
Latin World Wine Discovery Dinner
Experience the gathering of wines from the Latin World, along with the tantalizing & boldest grill of Skirt. Enjoy a selection of specially curated 4-course meal, paired with a classical array of ..