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Magnum vs Bottle: Is Bigger Really Better?


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Magnum vs Bottle: Is Bigger Really Better?

The Magnum, as we call it, is almost always equivalent to the amount of wine in two standard 75cl bottle. We see Magnums of wine being showcased every now and then at parties, restaurants and generally at places to be seen. It has become a popular alternative to the 75cl bottle. It is aesthetically pleasing, efficient for pouring and impressive to have. Whilst the magnum’s boastful popularity has continued into the modern day, the taste difference between the two are often disregarded.

Wine Aging

Generally, Magnum bottles slow down the aging of wine as they hold twice the amount of wine than a regular bottle. Concurrently, the magnums have an equal amount of oxygen exposed to a greater amount of wine. This reduced exposure to the effects of oxygen is the key attribute to the difference in aging

Magnum for Sharing

That aside, magnums are great for sharing! A Magnum bottle usually serves about 6 to 8 people that are drinking responsibly. It usually makes more sense economically because Magnums usually cost less than a regular bottle

Impress Others

Magnum are a great ego-booster. Imagine this, you’ve hosting a party and invited several of your closest mates. Bring out two Magnum bottles of Champagne to impress them, what better way to raise other’s impression of you? Besides, the F1 Grand Prix podium celebrations always involve popping of a Magnum. It’s a societal norm to associate Magnum with prestige.

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