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Raising a glass to International Women’s Day


To celebrate the International Women’s Day, we thought we’d look at the role of women in wine. It’s a popular stereotype that the wine industry is dominated many grey haired men – but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

One of the key tools in making and enjoying wine is a good sense of smell and taste. It has been a long held belief that women have a more acute sense of smell and taste. Another aspect of the wine industry is the attention to detail. Every wine is the result of hundreds of small steps, many seemingly insignificant at the time.

So, in commemoration of the International Women’s day, allow our in-house sommelier (who is a female by the way) recommend you wines that are created by respected female winemakers around the world

Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco NVrustico

Winemaker: Silvia Franco

Region: Italy, Veneto

Retail Price: S$ 46.00

About the Wine: Nino Franco’s non-vintage sparkling Rustico Prosecco is unquestionably the world’s finest value in a high quality, Champagne look-alike. The non-vintage, light-bodied Prosecco di Valdobiaddene Rustico offers gorgeously elegant, fresh, lively fruit, notes of bread dough and citrus, and persistent effervescence.

About the Winery: Antonio Franco founded the “Cantine Franco” winery in Valdobbiadene in 1919. Valdobbiadene is located at the foot of the Prealps, in the Venetian region, and is famous for the Prosecco vine and wine production. This winery is proud to be one of the oldest in Valdobbiadene, located in the town centre, not far away from the countryside and the vineyards.Thanks to a careful and wise management, the estate has been growing and evolving throughout three generations of producers. Antonio founded it, Nino expanded it and Primo improved the company performance throughout the years. 1982, when Primo took over its management, was the turning point.

Winery Website – http://www.ninofranco.it/en/

lisneris_confini-1Lis Neris Confini 2009

Winemaker: Federica Pecorari

Region: Italy, Friuli

Retail Price: S$ 83.00

About the Wine:  Pinot Grigio is this wine’s skeleton, as it brings structure, depth, softness and heat. Traminer is important for what concerns aromatic qualities and nose sensations, while Riesling makes it reach a balance with acidity in order to exalt its complexity. Three very different grapes are used to produce a unique wine, made by the combination of “Mediterranean” surmaturation notes on a liquer-sweet register of “Nordic” characteristics.

About the WineryLis Neris is located in the center of the famous wine growing region of Friuli, in the village of San Lorenzo, between the Slovenian border to the North and the right bank of the Isonzo river to the South. More than 60 hectares of vineyards are planted in the most beautiful part of a broad shelf of calcareous gravel, dragged down by the melt waters from the glaciers of the Eastern Alps. San Lorenzo, which is a cooler area, is where most of the white varieties are grown while Corona and Romans, are warmer zones to the West of the winery, and where the reds are mainly planted.

Winery Website – http://www.lisneris.it/en/



Elisabetta Foradori Granato IGT 2009

Winemaker: Elisabetta Foradori

Region: Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige

Retail Price: S$106.00

About the Wine:  The “Granato” is dedicated to this ideal blend, an especially concentrated and dense Teroldego that takes root from the stones of five different vineyards of the Campo Rotaliano. Dark chocolate, exotic spice and ripe plum segue to richness and thickness of texture. The length of the finish, that can be counted in long minutes, sets this wine apart. Fresh acidity will help it age over the years.

About the Winery: Elisabetta Foradori winery is situated in Trentino, where the mountain ranges make up the Dolomites, a World Heritage Site, are found between the Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions and delineate a landscape of extraordinary beauty.

Winery Website – http://www.elisabettaforadori.com/?&l=1




Domaine Breton Trinch Bourgeuil 2011

Winemaker: Catherine Breton

Region: France, Loire Valley

Retail Price: S$ 46.00

About the Wine: This “Trinch” bottle from the Bretons is all you need for an every day Cabernet Franc. It’s lighter in style than their other wines. Pure dark berry fruit with a touch of thyme. Delicious and clean fruit character.

About the Winery: Catherine and Pierre Breton have been running their 15 hectare vineyard along organic lines since 1991; they’ve been biodynamic since 1997. Located between Tours and Samur in the Loire Valley, they specialize in red wines from the Chinon and Bourgueil appellations. They use indigenous yeasts for their fermentations, and only the minimum use of sulfur dioxide (typically 10 mg/litre of SO2 added at bottling). All wines are unfiltered, and the goal is to make wines that express their terroirs and vintage.

Winery Website – http://www.domainebreton.net/en/

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