Mystery Wine Box

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  • S$208.00

Reach inside this mystery wine box filled with hand selected wines sourced from family run vineyards all over the world. 
The idea behind the mystery box is to allow customers to dip their toes into the unknown and try new wines.
The wines could be absolutely anything from our range and add a bit of fun to how you buy your wines.

What can you expect: 
- 3 to 5 different wines (A different set every month!)
- Black wooden box

You might get wines from Italy, Spain, USA, Chile or perhaps from unique regions such as Syria or Morocco, with wines from 18 countries within our portfolio, it is truly a surprise where your wines will transport you to.

The mystery box contents are guaranteed to total an amount higher than the $208.00 you pay so you will also benefit from a discount!

Don’t know what to try? Not sure about what wine is right for you? You have no knowledge of wines and are willing to try anything? Then this mystery box is perfect for you or to send to someone as a gift.

Who knows? You might just find your new favourite wine!!