Month: March 2017

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Biodynamic vs Organic Wines

The question commonly asked. What is organic wine, what is biodynamic wine, what are their differences and why should I drink them? Most people would understand the basics of organics, which commonly equates to the non-usage of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers. This is exactly the term used when referring to

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Easter and Syrah

Throughout the world the most popular Easter symbol is the lamb. In past centuries it was considered a lucky omen to meet a lamb, especially at Easter time. And in a few hundred years later, it is a common tradition to have a whole roasted lamb on the table of

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Syria: A peek into Wine Regions

Probably the World’s Most Dangerous Wines In 63 BC, the Romans defeated King Mithridates VI, putting an end to the Seleucid dynasty. Syria was occupied, and the Romans took possession of a fertile land. Towns such as Palmyra, Antioch, Damascus and Emesa served as centres for trade between Rome and

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