5 Bubblies to Beat the Heat!

viewThe hot weather gives us the perfect occasion to pop a few bottles of well-chilled bubblies. We recommend trying these 5 selections, let us know what you think!


Cava Agusti Torello Mata Rosé Trepat 2011

Retail Price: S$ 50.00

The Spanish sparkling, known as cava, is on of the best secrets of Spain. One of the top cava houses in Spain, Agusti Torello, also make a pretty rosé. We love this fresh example with with flavors of wild berries, particularly strawberry.

Winery Information

Agustí Torelló Mata’s cava is the result of a personal commitment. The commitment of a family and a team who make possible, year after year and harvest after harvest, the miracle of creating internationally renowned cavas with a unique personality.

Born from the best Penedès vines, Agustí Torelló Mata’s cavas respect their land, local varieties, soil, climate, process and traditions.

These cavas develop through excellence. They convey their spirit. They are cavas with soul.

Winery Website –http://agustitorellomata.com/?lang=en




Champagne Tarlant Zero Brut Nature N.V

Retail Price: S$ 90.00

If you love boutique Champagne houses as much as us, you’d love this one. Benoit Tarlant is taking this boutique family-run Champagne house to greater heights with organic practices. The Champagnes are released only after 8 – 10 years of cellaring, and their zero dosage Champagnes is a pure, fresh Champagne that expresses the terroir and vintage.

Winery Information

Champagne Tarlant have been winegrowers in Oeuilly just outside Epernay in the heart of Champagne since 1687. They have always been a family run Champagne House and became one of the pioneer independent Champagne producers in 1928. The 12th generation is represented by brother & sister, Benoit & Melanie Tarlant. The family owns thirteen hectares of vineyards in the Marne Valley. Champagne Tarlant is unique in the region as they are one of the few champagne growers who make the majority of their wine with zero dosage, ie. no added sugar.

Winery Website – http://www.tarlant.com/




Champagne Boizel Blanc de Noirs N.V

Retail Price: S$ 96.00

The historical Champagne Boizel (since 1834) has a reputation for the subtlety of its blends and the finesse of its different Champagnes. This cuvée is made from the best Pinot Noir Crus in the Champagne Region – Mareuil sur Ay, Cumières, Mailly, les Riceys. This is a rare Champagne that offer richness, remarkable structure and splendid elegance.

Winery Information

Founded in 1834, Champagne Boizel has cultivated excellence since its origins by respecting the values of authenticity and commitment to the best quality. In 180 years of existence, this family house has forged its reputation on the subtlety of its blends and the finesse of its different Champagnes. Then as now, each generation pursues the adventure by combining respect of tradition with a capacity for innovation to continue to produce Champagnes that are constantly more refined and more appealing.

Winery Website – http://www.boizel.com/en/




Nino Franco Primo Franco 2014

Retail Price: S$ 50.00

A vintage Prosecco from a parcel of a big vineyard located in Valdobbiadene. Primo Franco was one of the first pioneers to export the Prosecco and to introduce a different sparkling wine than Champagne into the international market. By putting his name to the Prosecco, the Primo Franco always provides good value and quality.

Winery Information

Nino Franco was founded in 1919 by Antonio Franco in Valdobbiadene. The winery is located at the foot of the Prealps, in the Venetian region and proud to be one of the oldest wineries in Valdobbiadene. Known for their Prosecco vine, the estate has been growing and evolving throughout four generations of producers. Antonio founded it, Nino expanded it, Primo improved international distribution and today, Silvia Franco is the future of the brand.

Winery Website – http://www.ninofranco.it/en/




Domaine du Vissoux Cremant de Bourgogne

Retail Price: S$ 52.00

Domain Vissoux is a forerunner in the Beaujolais region in Burgudy, France, for making wines as naturally as they can. This sparkling is a good example with its citrus, floral and mineral aromas, and fresh, elegant palate.

Winery Information

Domaine du Vissoux is a family-run wine estate. The estate is in the Pierres Dorées golden stone area, in southern Beaujolais.

Combining tradition and modernity, Martine and Pierre-Marie Chermette are fully committed to bringing you really high quality, authentic terroir wines. white, rosé and red Beaujolais, Brouilly, Fleurie, Moulin à Vent, Crémant de Bourgogne and crème de cassis made using our own blackcurrants.

Winery Website – http://www.chermette.fr/en/

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