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5 Perfect Occasions to Open a Bottle of Wine


Do you really need an occasion to open a bottle of wine? Ewineasia says no, wine should be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, as you please. But if you really do, heres a handy guide that perhaps makes it socially acceptable to pop a bottle

Birthdays, Anniversaries and days worth celebrating

Well, what better occasion to pop open a bottle of wine on this special day A day for celebration, a day for joy and a day to be with your close ones. Celebrate with a nice cold bubbly and toast to your special day in life! Preferably a Champagne for poise

Midweek Dinners

Nuff said, drive away midweek blues with a good bottle of wine paired with a delectable dinner at your favourite restaurant. An added perk to this – yes the weekends are just 2 days away!

Quiet Night at Home

What better than to snuggle up on your couch, catch a classic movie on Netflix, with a glass, or even better, a bottle of your favourite wine. For the best effect, do this on a Friday or weekend night for obvious reasons.

Sorrowful Nights

Yes, we’ve all been through nights like this. Pair nights like this with some wine, just enough to take the edge off. If need be, change your wine choice to something organic and biodynamic. This should ease your day tomorrow.

Drink responsibly…

Who Needs an Occasion

The best time to have some wine, is really when you feel like it. Mood supercedes everything else! If you want to pop open a bottle, do it! This is the best way to enjoy and appreciate what you are drinking.

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