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A Sparkling Red?


A Sparkling Red?

Champagne… Cava… Prosecco… these are the few names that pop up when you’re looking for a nice, cold sparkling wine. But did you know that they’re more than 20 different kinds of sparkling wines?

Is red wine supposed to be fizzy? Sparkling red wines used to be the laughing stock of the wine world but now they are turning up on some very classy wine lists.

sparkling-red-winePhoto credits to: Winefolly

Liquid caviar, as wine folly calls it – due to the formation of bubbles at the top most surface of the wine. If you want to avoid being a cliché, sparkling red wines are the way to go. Served slightly chilled, they’re versatile enough to go with food, dessert, or just on their own.

When you think of sipping wine on a hot summer day, what do you picture? As you may have heard by now, chilling any red wine can be fantastic. But there is one particular light and fizzy red that’s perfect for the summer: Lambrusco.


Lambrusco wine is typically sparkling; it has a light, gentle fizz unlike the sharp bubbles of Cava. It’s Italian, made from the Lambrusco grape, which grows mostly in Emilia-Romagna but also in Lombardy.

Lambrusco 2009

Introducing our very own Lambrusco Cantina Della Volta 2009 – This Lambrusco has a bright ruby colour and high limpidity. Perlage is smooth and well combined. Delightful, compact and distinguished scents can be noted at the nose with hints of wild strawberries. The palate perceives an immediate fresh note enhanced by shades of red fruits and berries.

This very wine was featured as the Official Sparkling Wine at the recent Singapore Tatler Best Restaurant Awards Night 2016 in January. Get yours now at http://ewineasia.com/lambrusco-cantina-della-volta-2009.html!

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