A taste of Sancerre to toast our affair !

If there is one profession that nourishes both the soul and the spirit, it must surely be that of the Artisan.The masterpiece produced at the end of his training is the culmination of his skills and is indeed a work of art, a true source of emotional and esthetical happiness in exactly the same way as one produced by a musician, an artist or a sculptor.


For the same reasons, the work of the winegrower can also be compared to that of an artisan agrapes_to_wine____resized_for_prints__by_bloodx21-d5istrxnd the wine he produces, can only provoke the same sensations if it is the fruit of his own personal skills.

A wine reflects exactly the knowledge, skills, imagination, the integrity and in a certain manner the courage of the winegrower who has, throughout the course of the year nurtured this transformation from vegetal to mineral.

Harmony that becomes a complex when faced with the challenge of the weather… that can be likened to a couple in constant search of concord. The grower is aware that such harmony can only be achieved under very strict conditions and adds his own personal touch that will bring perfection.

To understand this complex mechanism one has to realize the importance of the soil, the climate and the underlying stone.

Sancerre is first and foremost an isolated hill that rises up the middle of a serene landscape bathed by the soft light of the Loire river.


The oldest part of the town, built like an amphitheatre on the south-western slopes of the hill towers up to a height of three hundred and twelve meters, dominating the landscape and offering a magnifient panorama.

As far back as the XVI century, in 1513 to be exact, the local records mention the MELLOT family, whose life even at that time was governed by the seasons of the vine and the production of wines of excellent quality.

The Mellot family, vinegrowers and wine merchants, was again mentioned during the siege of the puittown. They pursued their patient labours and continued to gain recognition because César Mellot was appointed as Wine Advisor to Louis XIV in 1698.

At the beginning of the XIX century, ALPHONSE MELLOT founded a tavern in Sancerre where one could savour the local wines and so began a flourishing trade that was to continue. In 1881 he was granted a licence to ship his wine throughout France and all over the World.


This marked the beginning of a pacific conquest which has been pursued and developed by the family business from father to son ever since, with the eldest son continuing to bear the name of the Founder Alphonse. Les-Alphonse-642x336

Today, this century old winemaking tradition is perpetuated by Alphonse
MELLOT, father and son, the 18th and 19th to bear the name.

The wines are produced from the upper Sancerre vineyard, the most famous of which is the « DOMAINE LA MOUSSIERE ». Its exceptional quality has led to it being officially classified as a unique category amongst the Sancerre wines.
The DOMAINE DE LA MOUSSIERE comprises one single vineyard of over thirty hectares. 90f91b92-6b74-4013-b04b-7ce79d68621f

Its ideally exposed location on the south-western tip of Sancerre, its chalk soil and its specific sub-soil are all perfect conditions for the cultivation of the vine.

White Sancerre is produced from the noble grape called « Sauvignon », with small, very tightly packed grapes, that is amongst the oldest known varieties.
Sancerre has an eminent position in the hierarchy of white wines thanks to its great finesse, its bouquet and fruitiness.

Red and rosé Sancerre are produced from the « Pinot Noir » grape, particularly from the older vines of the ‘Vieux Clos Chambrastes’. Legend has it that this vineyard is located on the site of an ancient roman encampment.


– Céline Gaultier –

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