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Its Albarino Day! – 1 Aug


The Albariño day was created to happen during the Albariño festival in the Galician town of Cambados in Spain. The Spanish’s love their festivals are undying and it has since became an international thing! Albarino wines are characterized as light-bodied, fresh and crispy. Albariño at its best smells of tart-sweet citrus (meyer lemon, tangerine, lime zest) and underripe stone fruits (white peach and nectarine), contrasted with a briny, refreshing sea-spray savoriness. Try if you like Sauvignon Blanc, Dry Riesling, Grüner Veltliner.

Did you know, that Chapel Down, a Winery that predominantly produces sparkling wines in England, Kent has produced the first Albarino grape in UK, in 2014?


Pazo de Senorans Albarino 2015

Region: Spain, Rais Baixa

Retail Price: S$ 54.00

About the Wine: Palid straw yellow with greenish glints. Medium-high intensity. The balance of acidity assigns a structure of great volume to the wine improves its traces until the retro nasal.

About the Winery: The Pazo de Señoráns is located at Vilanoviña, in the Pontevedra town of Meis, in the Salnés area, which is one of the Rias Baixas appellation’s sub-zones. The mansion, which is owned by the husband and wife team of Soledad (Marisol) Bueno and Javier Mareque, took on its wineproducing role in 1989, although the estate had been growing vines (which now cover eight hectares or twenty acres) since the beginning of the 1980s. The estate has gained a reputation for producing high quality wines as a result of very careful and rigorous harvesting. Each plot is worked separately, enabling the grapes to be closely observed and identified. Once the vines have been selected, the grapes are carefully blended for the Pazo de Señoráns label.

Winery Website – http://www.pazodesenorans.com/

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