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Boca Restaurant | An Authentic Portuguese Experience


Boca Restaurant

Where: 8 Ann Siang Hill

Open: Daily 11am – 2am | Lunch starts from 12pm | Dinner starts from 6pm

Info: Call 6221 /0132 or go to http://www.boca-restaurant.sg/

Located along the gourmet enclave at Ann Siang Hill, BOCA introduces vibrant Portuguese cuisine to the Singapore food scene.

BOCA which means “mouth” in Portuguese, serves up classic home-style dishes with authentic flavours using specially imported ingredients from Portugal.

BOCA is nestled in a charming three-storey shophouse where each level caters to a different dining experience for guests. The first floor, tasca features bar seating by the open kitchen for petiscos or “little plates” of Portuguese snacks and nibbles, a relaxed and cool setting in a totally modern, hip and cool environment; the second level, boca, offers guests a full-dining experience in comfy booth seats; and the third level house the adega (wine cellar) for wine enthusiasts to indulge in Portuguese wines in a private setting.


Andorinha – The black swallows at Boca

One of Portugal’s national icons. You will find hundreds of beautiful birds in Boca, these birds are known locally as andorinha and are famous for their migratory journey to Portugal every spring where they make their nests with their life-long companions. They are synonymous with family, loyalty and love and echo the Portuguese soul that is omnipresent at the restaurant.


An Authentic Portuguese Experience

Portugal – Geographically situated on the South-western end of the European continent, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, this seafaring nation naturally has a seafood-centric diet. BOCA specially imports ingredients from Portugal, including: olives and extra virgin olive oil that are particularly flavourful due to the warm and sunny climate of Southern Portugal; fragrant almonds specifically from the Douro region; and the intensely flavoured bacalhau (dried and salted cod) that the Portuguese affectionately call their “national ingredient” – it is said to have one recipe for each day of the year and more!

The light and refreshing Octopus Salad is a delight! The Octopus is blanched quickly several times to ensure a tender yet crunchy texture, and thinly sliced so it gets a nice, fresh and tangy mouth-feel. They are then dressed with crunchy capsicums, crispy garlic, red onions, cilantro, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and smoky paprika.


Pastéis de bacalhau / Cod fritters


The Pasteis Bacalhau are a joy to behold – these deep-fried cod fritters are hand-made from dried salted codfish all the way from Portugal. It was said to be created by Portuguese explorers who needed something that they could keep for months. This dish represents the immense history and culture of Portugal. A delightful crunch with a surprising freshness to the cod.


Bife à café / Coffee steak


Combine the robust flavours of coffee and the earthy, juicy flavours of a medium-rare tenderloin and you’ve got a fantastic pairing of meat and sauce. A unique twist to the traditional steak. The dish also comes with an equally delicious helping of rice that has been cooked with onions, herbs, garlic, almonds and butter for depth of flavour.


Wine Pairing

Complement your meal with a glass or bottle of Portuguese wine. Pair your experience with some of the best Douro & Lisboa wines available at Boca – Quinta do Vale Meao (Douro) or Quinta do Pinto (Lisboa)

Or check them out here!

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