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Champagne and Potato Chips, its a thing!

champagne and chips

Opposites attract, and when you combine two things people love the most and voila, you just might get the next best thing. Most people pair Champagnes with strawberries, oysters or caviar.

Vesak DayChampagnes, a favourite amongst everyone, and a beverage that many people love to enjoy on special occasions. The pale gold robe with consistent effervescence gives Champagne this brilliance and radiant appearance that no one can resist. Champagne makes particular demands on the sense of taste, particularly the tongue and the palate. The moment when the wine enters the mouth is the high point of the tasting, with subtle intensity, completeness, sharpness, richness, and sometimes, perfection. Its a beverage that exudes elegance and class all-round.

potato-chips-448737_1280Enter the Potato Chips, a vastly popular fuss-free snack. Admit it, there are those days where you just crave for a packet of your favourite potato chips, and eating them all by yourself. Because sharing means less. Flavours are vast, and far too many to be counted. You have the classic salted flavors to exquisite ones such as truffle and caviar. Nonetheless, you be the best judge of what you like.


The crunchy mouth-feel of the Potato Chips is just perfect, with a fresh and crispy Champagne. Believe it or not, Champagne is actually muh more versatile than we think. The stereotypically consumed Champagne (for toasts, special occasions), has that small amount of fruity sugar, combined with a high level of acidity which makes it excellent with salted and flavoured potato chips. Basically though, it goes well with just about everything except for sweet desserts or full flavoured red meat.

Try it yourself, and at least, you do not have to break the bank for a packet of chips.


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