Domaine Catherine et Pierre Breton is back!


Domaine Catherine et Pierre Breton – France, Loire Valley

Catherine and Pierre Breton have been running their 15 hectare vineyard along organic lines since 1991; they’ve been biodynamic since 1997. Located between Tours and Samur in the Loire Valley, they specialize in red wines from the Chinon and Bourgueil appellations. They use indigenous yeasts for their fermentations, and only the minimum use of sulfur dioxide (typically 10 mg/litre of SO2 added at bottling). All wines are unfiltered, and the goal is to make wines that express their terroirs and vintage.

1985 – Pierre makes is 1e vintage and leaves the co-op of Bourgueil

1989 – Catherine and Pierre add 6 hectares at Chinon to the vineyard

1990 – They cultivate the entire vineyard in an organic and a biodynamical way

1992 – 1st cuvee who does not see a drop of sulfur throughout its lifetime : Nuit d’ivresse 1994

2002 – Catherine makes her first Vouvray under the label La Dilettante



Our vineyard in Bourgueil enjoy a sweet and beautiful climate. Exactly what the Cabernet Franc, a late-developing vine, needs. In Bourgueil we have different types of soils. Soils of ancient alluvium called Galuches or les Galichets, calcareous soils, Clayish-flinstone soils called les Perrières.

On the appellation of Chinon, our soils are chalky.

On the appellation of Vouvray, they are a blend of clay and flinstone soils.



The Soil Gives Birth to Great Wines

There are soils that historically and traditionally shape greats wines. But a neglected soil don’t have any expression. The notion of “terroir” is characterized by many factors:

. The climate that structure the maturity of the vine

. The topography, more or less hilly to prevent water stagnation and soil’s warming up.

. The geology

And to get a great combination of all those parameters, we need invisible but complex life in our soils. The fauna (earthworm, roots, micro organisms) air the soil, participate to its structure and develop water penetrations, minerals substances assimilations. To assure the development of the vine, soils need to be organically actives. Phytosanitaries products and chemical products  disturb completely this amazing system. That’s why we have decided to work in an organic way.


The Natural Vinification

« To succeed in wine, it’s like in life, you have to live dangerously » Jules Chauvet

A natural wine is a wine 100% pure grapes, pure origin, vinificated with indigenous yeast located naturally in the skin of the berry (whereas exogenous yeast come from chemical synthesis). A natural wine is a wine without chemicals additives, a wine who limits the suffer to the strict minimum to its survival. It is the real expression of the terroir with subtle and delicate aromes that are not reproducible. It is a wine in life, unique and greedy, it is the reflect of its winemaker and of its origins.

A natural wine is opposed to technological and standardized wines.

1 Domaine Breton

The Wines



Domaine Breton Dilettante Tranquille Vouvray 2015

Grape Variety: Chenin Blanc

Retail Price:S$59.00

About the Wine:  A nose of honey, peaches and white fruits, with notes of sweet blossom. Precise with lovely freshness, simply delicious, the perfect aperitif!





Domaine Breton Trinch Bourgueil 2015

Grape Variety: Cabernet Franc

Retail Price:S$50.00

About the Wine: This “Trinch” bottle from the Bretons is all you need for an every day Cabernet Franc. It’s lighter in style than their other wines. Pure dark berry fruit with a touch of thyme. Delicious and clean fruit character.





Domaine Breton Les Galichets Bourgueil 2015

Grape Variety: Cabernet Franc

Retail Price: S$56.00

About the Wine:  There is character, pleasure and terroir : the grace of the Loire Valley at its best. The vintage Galichets confirms the success of the Domaine Pierre & Catherine BRETON. The tannin is fine and the minty note leads to a tasty finale in mouth.





Domaine Breton Nuits D’Ivresse Bourgueil 2015

Grape Variety: Cabernet Franc

Retail Price: S$63.00

About the Wine:  Selection of ols vines on clay-limestone grounds, vinified and aged without sulphur to preserve « its fruity flavours et the masculinity of its tannins. Usual and excellent accomplice of roasted red meats Fan club Fan Club