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Federica Pecorari from Lis Neris – Friuli, Italy

Federica Lis NerisFederica Pecorari, Winemaker, Lis Neris Winery

Since 1879, four generations of the Pecorari family have worked passionately to help create and develop one of Friuli’s most representative wine estates. 1981 was the turning point in the history of the winery. That was the year they introduced a new approach to production aimed at upgrading quality.

White wines have proved to be the best expression of their “terroir” and they became the focus of their mission. Today, their aim is to produce wines of increasingly high quality and to create the conditions to let this happen. Read on as we find out more from Federica Pecorari, the Winemaker of Lis Neris.

Interview with Federica Pecorari

Lis Neris means ‘The Black’. This is the meaning in our dialect, Friulano, and is the name of one of the first vineyards my family owned. The name was created at the end of ‘700, when the Austro-Hungarian administration divided lands in smaller areas. Neris area is one set South of the village of San Lorenzo, and it appears that this was called so as here women dressed in black went to work.

Friuli is where wine culture started. This is thanks to a great history, where Romans, Venetians and Austrians had a key role.

The most popular wine with sommeliers is the Gris Pinot Grigio. That’s because it is 20 years now that it represents the top of the production with this varietal. Our wines boast strength and elegance.

 I belong to the fifth generation of the family business. One of my greatest joys is to gather people, share with them about our wines and get them talking about the wines back home!

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