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Gramona & Corpinnat – An Emerging Premium Category of Spanish Sparkling Wine



Gramona, along with 8 other wine producers, is embarking on a new journey as Quality Sparkling Wine producers and have formally broken ties with the Cava DO to form their own EU-recognised body known as CORPINNAT. The first bottles bearing the name will be due to be released this spring. The name CORPINNAT signifies “Born in the Heart of Penedes”

This means that the word ‘Cava’ will disappear from the label and that they will include the name CORPINNAT along with the statement “Vino Espumoso de Calidad, Método Tradicional” (Quality Sparkling Wine, Traditional Method), the claim “Grown in a Barcelona Historic Wine Valley”, and the number of month’s ageing of each bottle has undergone.

All these wineries together represented 1% of Cava Production.


In 2015, the descendents of the sparkling wine producers who created the “Agrupacion de Elaboradores de Cava” (Association of Cava Producers) in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia in the 70s, met to discuss their concern about the future of the Cava industry. The original association had been committed to the traditional method of production (then called champenoise) and it eventually became the Cava Regulator Board (CRDO Cava).

As an outcome of these meetings, the “Asociación de Viticultores y Elaboradores CORPINNAT” (Association of Wine Producers and Growers CORPINNAT) was created in 2017 with the purpose of promoting the notion of specific territories within the Cava DO and thereby championing the uniqueness of each of them according to their geography, climate, geology and history. It also wanted to highlight the work on quality development that had been carried out over the last 50 years by producers who aspire to have Cava considered to be among the finest sparkling wines in the world. To achieve this, they wanted to introduce a set of rules that would clearly distinguish the different types and qualities of Cava, offering a logical explanation as to why there are Cavas selling at 3 Euros and others at 100 Euros.

CORPINNAT and Gramona in particular (Gramona currently holds the Presidency of CORPINNAT in conjunction with Recaredo) will try to continue to reach out to Cava and to be involved in the necessary change to the Denominación de Origen that has only been proposed following negotiations with CORPINNAT.


At this point in time, and following months of negotiation, Gramona and its partners within CORPINNAT have decided to make use of its collective brand, which acts as a guarantee of the producers’ affiliation to a specific territory and a set of production rules that are the most stringent within the sparkling wine world. These rules include the following requirements.

  • 100% organic grapes
  • 100% manual harvest
  • Minimum of 18 months ageing
  • The incorporation of the wine grower in the value chain
  • And the guarantee that all the wines is vinified on the premises of the winery

Over and above the demanding requirements of the collective brand, Gramona is 100% biodynamic, has its own animal farm, uses its own preparations, and works part of its land (up to 22 hectares) with its own horses. It only presses whole grapes that enables it to carry out a selection of the musts (Imperial-Cuvée). It also uses only craft processes, ageing its wines under cork stopper, has its own solera system to create the dosage and carries out the longest ageing on the market (ageing the wine for a minimum of 36 months and regularly up to 16 years, as well as the rare wines aged between 15 and 22 years residing in its Library of Vintages).


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