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GRAMONA’s ‘Pinoteamo’ Is A Unique Homage To Pinot

Have you heard of GRAMONA‘s Pinoteamo Infanteribble? This special barrel-aged white wine is a 100% homage to Pinot, produced with Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc grapes. It’s unusual in the fact that Gramona is best known as a cava house, and this comes without bubbles.

First a little history about the winery. GRAMONA was founded in 1881 in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, the epicentre of D.O. Cava. After over 130 years of experience in the making of cavas and wines, the fifth generation is currently at the head of the business. They continue with the family tradition and the philosophy they have used to focus their work on the winery throughout the years.

Bright yellow with coppery trim, the Pinoteamo is fragrant and aromatic with dominant red fruit notes such as wild strawberries and peaches, along with white fruits such as quince and roasted apple. The texture is viscous and vinous, with sustained acidity, a touch of bitterness, and smoky touch that will pair nicely with rice, pasta, white meat, semi-cured cheeses and spicy dishes, including Asian and Indian cuisine.

The wine is also organic and biodynamic, and comes from the “El Manco”, an entirely biodynamic operation. The Pinoteamo is also certified with the (CCPAE) seal of the Consejo Catalán de Producción Agraria y Ecológica (Catalan Council of Organic Production), and spends a minimum of 6 months in bottle before it is released on the market.

The harvest takes place by hand, on a selection table and through gravity. Once the grapes arrive at the winery, they are cooled and the whole bunches are pressed. 50% of the must ferments in stainless steel deposits and the other 50% ferments in barrels of several uses. Once the fermentation has ended, it spends 3 months with its lees. Before it is launched on the market, the wine is left to stand in the bottle for a minimum of 6 months.

You can see the Gramona Pinoteamo Infanteribble 2016 at $60 after a 15% off (U.P. $70) here.

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