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James Suckling Top 100 Spanish Wines 2017: Alvaro Palacios

Palacios Suckling

James Suckling Top 100 Spanish Wines of 2017 – Alvaro Palacios

“Alvaro Palacios is the most omnipresent figure on this list” – James Suckling

The Top 100 Spanish Wines of 2017 is the most diverse, wide-ranging list on wines from the country James Suckling ever put together. It certainly was no easy task making their definitive selection based purely on quality from the nearly 1,200 wines we tasted during our tasting trip to Spain last June.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Alvaro Palacios is the most omnipresent figure on this list. Naturally, the phenomenal wines he makes in Priorat and Rioja (L’Ermita 2015, No. 15; Dofi 2015, No. 17), and continued capacity as the standard-bearer for mencia – together with his nephew Ricardo – all contribute to his success. La Faraona 2015 (No. 5, 99 points), which is made on slate soils pivoted on unnervingly steep slopes that reach over 800m in altitude, could barely set the bar any higher. Additionally, Moncerbal 2015 is not far behind as well (No. 13, 98 points).

There are so many different wines made in a myriad of styles and from an enormous number of varying grapes and regions in our Top 100 Spanish Wines of 2017. They all combine elements of new and old, tradition and modernity, technology and savoir faire. It is precisely how these producers untapped the potential, making the vibrant, ethereal and profound wines that we very much enjoyed tasting in 2017.

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Alvaro Palacios La Faraona 2015

la faroana

Alvaro Palacios Moncerbal 2015




Alvaro Palacios Finca Dofi 2015


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