Lis Neris- Interview of Federica Pecarori at the Raffles Hotel


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Federica Pecarori is the daughter of Alvaro Pecarori, winemaker of Lis Neris. A new and disctinctive generation of woman winemakers is slowly taking over the family estates in Italy, creating a huge dynamism and new approach to winemaking.

Carolyn Etherington of interviews the young Federica about how she came to follow in her father footsteps. She tells us more about the Friuli region, the grape varietals used at the winery and how she sees the future of Lis Neris Winery.

Lis Neris has seen since 1879 four generations of  family worked passionately to help create and develop one of Friuli’s most representative wine estates. White wines proved to be the best expression of the local  “terroir” and they became the focus of Lis Neris’s mission.

The estate of Lis Neris is situated in the town of San Lorenzo—part of the Isonzo subregion of Friuli—which lies within close proximity of the Slovenian border.  Lis Neris possesses nearly 100 acres of vines spread across four discrete vineyard sites—Gris, Picol, Jurosa, and Neris—which demonstrate a distinct preference for the international members of Friuli’s extensive white varietal canon—Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc (frequently referred to simply as Sauvignon), Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, and Riesling; Tocai Friulano represents the native contingent. Pecorari declines to emulate familiar international expressions, following a stylistic orientation that is decidedly Friulian. In fact, his three-tier portfolio essentially captures in microcosm Friuli’s stylistic evolution and breadth.


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