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New About Town – September 2015

:PLUCK | the social hole in club street


Food shouldn’t be complicated to be enjoyed.

Pluck accredits a good meal to quality, well-sourced ingredients, offering cosmopolitan interpretations of perennial classics that are affordable, thoughtful, creative, and delicious.

So just who is this chef that has the hardest critics raving over his menu? With a come-as-you-are attitude, but equipped with the smarts of any seasoned chef, Chef Brandon Teo is The Establishment Group’s culinary director. Equipped with the smarts of a seasoned chef and a worldly traveller, Chef Brandon brings a wealth of experience and compelling flavours onto the plate.

Approximately sized at 1,200 square feet, Pluck boasts a lack of theme. The unpretentious interior promotes smart conversations and just hanging out. For an entirely different experience, opt for the bar seats at the open-concept kitchen – we can’t promise that the guys on the flipside of the counter won’t try to talk to you.

Wagyu Skirt 2

Only for the Brave Meatlovers….

…That is the name of the pan-roasted wagyu skirt, wagyu shortribs, bone marrow toastie dish at Pluck’s (90 Club St, Singapore 069458) new menu. We are loving the list of fun dish names with so much attitude. Case in point: John Smith meets Wei Jie (an East meets West dish with five-spice hoisin duck meat and scotch eggs). “It’s Okay to Eat Fish, They Don’t Have Any Feelings,” a quote by Kurt Cobain, is a nod to chef Brandon’s love for the music he grew up with. You’ll also meet new manager, Shaun Ryan Peter, who was previously with Absinthe and Pollen. He’s put in place a new wine list boasting boutique wineries, such such as Champagne Chapuy.

:pluck – 90 Club Street, Singapore 069458, Tel: 6225 8286, Email:

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