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Since 2000, oenologist Victoria Benavides has been managing the winery. The winery takes its name from the previous owner of these prestigious vineyards, namely Señor Elias Mora.

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Their ethos is to marry the past with the present, combining the valuable knowledge of previous generations with the best aspects of modern technology and all that it implies. To sum it up, their philosophy could be well described as: the winery at the heart of the vineyard and barrels at the heart of the wine. Out of respect for the environment they only use natural products for their wines: oak, natural cork and glass.

Situated between the Duero and Hornija rivers, the soil is comprised of large pebbles over a bed of Pliocene limestone, which is low in organic content. The extreme continental climate compounded with the scarcity of rainfall (400 mm /year) improves the quality of the Tinta de Toro grape.


All of their wines are made 100% of Tinta de Toro grapes. It is ideally suited for this terrain and boasts hundreds of years of viniculture. It makes every vintage and every bottle a unique and rewarding experience.

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Bodegas Elias Mora Viñas Elías Mora 2015
Grape Variety: 100% Tinta de Toro
Wine Enthusiast: 91 pts
Price : $47

The red wine from Toro Viñas Elías Mora has a very bright, clean cherry-coloured robe with a purple rim. Fresh, intense notes of wild berries, blackberries, violets, liquorice and roasted coffee, combined with hints of spices and undergrowth.Bold and well-structured, this red wine has a meaty body nicely balanced by an excellent acidity and some crunchy tannins. Black fruit, raspberries, blue flowers, spices and aromatic herbs. Long, balsamic finish.





Bodegas Elias Mora Crianza 2015
– Organic Wine –
Grape Variety: 100% Tinta de Toro
Wine Spectator: 91 pts
Price : $54

The red wine Elías Mora Crianza has a high cherry-coloured robe with a garnet rim. Juicy suggestions of red and black fruit, combined with hints of tobacco, spices and flowers over a mineral and floral background reminiscent of violets. Bold and pleasantly warm, this Tinta de Toro by Elías Mora makes quite an entrance onto the palate. The tannins are smooth, and the finish is uplifting and slightly mineral.





Bodegas Elias Mora Gran Elias Mora 2013
– Organic Wine –
Grape Variety:
100% Tinta de Toro
Wine Enthusiast: 92 pts
Price : $96

Cedar, charred oak and game are the key aromas in this wine. The palate is huge and tannic, with flavors of blackberry, cassis, baking spices and herbs that finish chocolaty and spicy.






Bodegas Elias Mora Reserva 2012
– Organic Wine –
Grape Variety:
100% Tinta de Toro
Wine Enthusiast: 93 pts
Price : $119

Elías Mora Reserva is a powerful wine, with structure and balance. Intense on the nose, with aromas of ripe black fruit that stand out, toasted and undergrowth notes on a very elegant mineral background. In the mouth, it is round, with volume and great expression. Only 1000 bottles of this gem are produced.
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