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A jewel in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is a rustic and enchantingly beautiful island with extreme geography and vinous diversity to tempt travelers and wine enthusiasts alike. Mr. Sella and Mr. Mosca fell in love with this land over a century ago and established Sella & Mosca, one of Italy’s most renowned wine estates.

As Sardinia’s foremost wine producer, Sella & Mosca’s premium wines are made exclusively from estate-grown grapes. In addition to native varieties such as Vermentino, Torbato, and Cannonau, the winery has successfully pioneered the introduction of international grape varieties, notably Cabernet Sauvignon.


Weather is extremely poor in rainfalls in the area, yet Sella & Mosca has always been a pioneer in engineering irrigations plants which guarantee the best results even in the worst vintages, benefitting especially the aromas and elegance in white grape varieties.

Cultivation is natural: every single clod of earth is treated with certified organic methods. A cutting-edge equipment wine cellar is located in the middle of a single body estate of more than 600 hectares; Sella & Mosca looks like a natural oasis where the land, precious natural drinking water springs, and the coastal seaside tell the unique history of a culture and an entire region.


Winemaker, Giovanni Pinna, joined the estate in 2000. He holds a master’s degree in oenology and a PhD in microbiology. Passionate about Sardinian winemaking, Giovanni also teaching viticulture and publishes articles on the subject.

Consultant winemaker, Giuseppe Caviola, is considered one of Italy’s most respected consultants, having traveled and worked throughout much of Italy. Giovanni and Giuseppe’s wines consistently garner critical acclaim and awards.

The estate is owned by Terra Moretti Vino, an Italian company with strong ties in wine production, including the premium Franciacorta estate, Bellavista. The Moretti group continues to guide Sella & Mosca with the winery’s original founding principles of research, commitment, passion, and constant care.
















Sella & Mosca La Cala Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

Grape Variety: 100% Vermentino

Child of the Mistral, the strong northerly wind that lashes impetuously the Alghero coast, La Cala is a fresh, savoured, intriguing wine, where the aromatic typicality of the vine is perfectly extolled.

Unforgettable with seafood, that it underlines with extraordinary ease. Scents of Mediterranean maquis, citrus fruit and live flowers give away a lively mineral note.

Fresh and savoured, surprisingly soft and balanced, it and a iodine hint.














Sella & Mosca Terre Bianche Alghero Torbato DOC

Grape Variety: 100% Torbato

An ancient sardinian varietal, torbato is said to have reached the shores of the iberian peninsula thanks to the Phoenicians, and later brought to the island by the Catalans when they governed it.

It is an especially fascinating varietal, which was studied for many years by Sella & Mosca, the first winery to produce it unblended. Terre Bianche takes its name from the calcareous soil, and the wine stands out for its bouquet and harmony.

A straw yellow with warm golden highlights, it features armoas of citrus, floral notes of chamomile and fruited notes of white peaches, veined and made precious by refined mineral tones. Well structured and enveloping, it has a sinuous palate, fresh and long-lasting, with an extremely pleasant undertone of iodine.











Sella & Mosca Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

Grape Variety: 100% Cannonau


A varietal and a wine that symbolizes Sardinia, Cannonau is one of the crown jewels of Sella & Mosca. Cultivated with extra care, it enjoys the warm, sandy soils it grows in, swept clean by the prevailing northeast wind.

A wine that expresses intensity and warmth, combining delicate floral and ripe fruit notes with the more classic ones of mediterranean vegetation.

The brilliant ruby red color heralds an ample and complex bouquet, in which violet, rose, cherry and currant encounter elegant nuances of spice. In the mouth the wine is full, robust, warm and generous yet well balanced, fresh and deep. The finish is persistent with a silky texture.









Sella & Mosca Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva DOC

Grape Variety: 100% Cannonau

Cannonau is the oenological nexus of Sardinia, and perhaps of the entire mediter ranean basin. Sella & Mosca lavishes extra care on it , cultivating it in the warm and sandy seaside vineyards and the harsh and rocky inland soils of the hills.

It is fermented and macerated on the skins and aged in oak barrels for at least 6 months, then cellared for 2 years, which favors the development of its classic Mediterranean characters. The ruby red color with garnet hues, translucent and brilliant, announces bright, mature and refined aromas.

The fresh scent of violet is perfectly integrated by not esof jam, plums, blackcurrants and oriental spices. The palate is solid, wellstructured and war m in its embrace, but always well-balanced, thanks also to fresh bursts of balsam and medicinal her bs and berries. The after taste presents toasted hints befor e returning to the spice route.


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