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New Winery: Azienda Agricola Quazzolo, Italy

We have a new winery on board! The Quazzolo family in Barbaresco hasn’t always been known for wine. The family of Danilo Quazzolo mostly works in the construction business, but his uncle has always made wine from a prestigious plot of Barbaresco vineyard called Ovello.

Danilo Quazzolo

An artist and free thinker, Danilo worked hard to learn the trade and eventually took over the farm in 2013, making tremendous improvements in both farming and winemaking techniques. It took many years for Danilo to make this transition from what was once a bulk wine to a boutique wine, treating the vineyards he manages with respect to nature and with the utmost care.

Currently, the winery, simply called Quazzolo, is one of the smallest wineries in Barbaresco with an annual production of roughly 10,000 bottles focusing almost entirely on Nebbiolo. Danilo is a rebel, an anarchist winemaker who loves “doodling” which is why the doodle labels are all personally designed by him.

He is also a hard rock and metal music lover, which is why many of his bottles’ lot numbers are named after his favourite songs and bands. Everything is done by Danilo, from vineyard management, winemaking and bottling. Being a one-man show, this allows him to express his creative side and play, finding the best formulas to provide you with the best wines possible.

Quazzolo Rosso Barbaresco DOCG 2016 ($103)

The price of Barbaresco has steadily been increasing, but it’s easily justified, boasting a cult status as one of the finest wines in the world. Deep, perfumed and a touch richer than the Ovello of the same vintage, this 100% Nebbiolo wine (a requirement of the Barbaresco DOCG) has a palate that’s nothing less than spectacular with a fantastic build-up of cherry aromas and vibrant acidity. Expect a very long and deep and firmly tannic, which fits like a glove.

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