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Quinta do Pinto, Portugal, Lisbon

Located in Merceana, in the heart of the Lisbon wine region, the Quinta do Pinto property extends over 200 acres, surrounding a 17th century manor house with a semidetached cellar of traditional concrete outline.

The Wines

Quinta do Pinto Terras do Anjo White 2014quinta-do-pinto-anjo-white-2014

Region: Portugal, Lisbon

Grape Variety: 60% Fernão, 25% Arnito, 33% Chardonnay

Retail Price: S$52.00

About the Wine: Brilliant citric colour. On the nose, it has notes of exuberant tropical fruit – Pineapple and Mango and floral aromas like orange. Very involving and complex. On the palate, it presents great intensity and volume, with a creamy texture that comes about with an ever-present natural acidity, giving long and persistent aftertaste.





History relates that the wine produced here, two centuries ago, was so outstanding in the region that it was worth more than Pintos, the gold coin in circulation during the reign of D. Joao V. The motivation for the Cardoso Pinto family’s project ‘Quinta do Pinto’ is this return to its origins, where the wine is admittedly of a superior quality and becomes the hallmark of the region.

The property was acquired after a long search for a home which would allow the Family to come together under one roof in a rural environment and also include an asset with the potential for capitalization using the land according to its competitive advantage. This is where Antonio Afonso Lasso de la Vega Cardoso Pinto relieves the past and reinvents the future, with wine production as the base and the Family in its centre.

The estate wines are produced in four distinct segments, each with proper and strong personality. Terras do Anjo are blends of international grapes that express themselves in this terroir in a unique way.


The expression of the Terroir

To bottle the terroir and offer high quality wines that have a differentiating character is the mission of Quinta do Pinto.

The project Quinta do Pinto was inspired by the owner’s passion for wine, their relationship with the land, their heritage of five generations involved in agriculture, and the privileged conditions of these soils for the production of regional grapes, as well as some specific international varietals of exceptional quality. The project makers’ vision is to always exceed consumer expectations by offering outstanding products from the Lisbon region, which are distinguished by their relationship of quality, price and differentiation.

Occupying an area of 130 acres, the vineyard is planted on gentle slopes with southern exposure, sheltered from northern winds by the Montejunto Hill and benefiting from the Atlantic influence, thus enjoying excellent conditions, unique to the region, for the differentiating characteristics aimed by the project. The continuous sheet of vineyard hosts 19 grape varietals, including red and white indigenous varietals – with priority given to the regional grapes – and some international varietals which blend in a singular and harmonious way to give rise to wines that are a true expression of the terroir.

Arinto, Fernao Pires, Marsanne, Roussane, Viognier, Touriga Nacional, Aragonez, Tinta Miuda, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are some of the varietals that are planted at the estate’s vineyards.


The Cultivation of Excellence

Cherising the land to encourage it to give its best, with attention to detail and respect for its distinguishing characteristics and its timings, is the basis for the joint work undertaken by the team led by Rita Cardoso Pinto.

Above all, excellence is cultivated here with determination, commitment and a deep sense of responsibility for consumer expectations and the environment.

By minimal intervention for maximum uptake of the grapes’ varietal potential in the terroir, only the best grapes the vineyard offers are forwarded to the winery, according to the philosophy of traditional vinification that “the wine is made in the vineyard”. The winery is equipped with the latest enological technology to ensure that the judiciously selected grapes, fermented exclusively with indigenious yeast, give rise to terroir wines of superior quality.

The wines of Quinta do Pinto are characterized by their soul and express the uniqueness of the soils and the grapes of exceptional quality that are at their origin. Authentic, aromatic, creamy, not acidulous, full bodied, with texture and persistent taste, they are wines aspiring to remain in the memory of real connoisseurs as a unique experience to be repeated continuously.



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