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The Unorthodox Wine Pairing to your Lunar New Year Feast


Raise a glass to the brand new lunar year with the perfect wine pairing. As you may be preparing for your yearly reunion dinner spread, we are experimenting with a selection of unorthodox wine pairings. Here we will share with you what best to pair with your favourite Lunar New Year dishes.

Here are our recommendations on what dishes you can enjoy these wines with:

Yu Sheng (Raw Fish Salad)

Pair With: Lis Neris Sauvignon Blanc 2011

FullSizeRender-2 copy

Yu Sheng, which means “raw fish”, is a salad dish comprising thin slices of raw fish, sliced vegetables and various spices. Arranged on a large serving plate, the colourful array of ingredients is mixed and tossed by the diners. An resultant taste is mainly sweet with a tinge of sour (from the plum sauce) combined with a crunchy texture.

Lis Neris SB 2011

Lis Neris Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Retail Price: S$ 56.00

About the Pairing: A floral and fruity aroma, this wine presents a certain dryness and crispiness that would go exceptionally well with the sweet and sour palate texture of the Yu Sheng. An ideal way to begin your Lunar New Year feast

Winery Website – http://www.lisneris.it/en/

Shark’s fin Soup

pair with: Marc Kreydenweiss Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2008

FullSizeRender copyA thick and savoury broth, the shark’s fin soup is often regarded as a treasured course in a Chinese meal. Coupled with the thick concentration of the soup, the sharks’ fins and its accompanying ingredients (crab meat, mushroom slices, and egg white) add a chewy and snappy texture.

MK CDP 2008Marc Kreydenweiss Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2008

Retail Price: S$ 96.00

About the Pairing: The spicy and exotic nose is marked by subtle notes of black cherries and cassis, with hints of vanilla and curry. The Grenache has body and finesse in the mouth, with elegant layers and a lovely long aftertaste. The blend of grapes presents a full-bodied complexity that would match impeccably with the complex multifaceted nature of the soup.

Winery Website – http://www.kreydenweiss.com/en/

Pen Cai (Treasure Pot)

Pair With: Miles from Nowhere Cabernet Merlot 2013FullSizeRender-4 copyA traditional Chinese Dish of Hakka origin, the Pen Cai consists of an assortment of rich ingredients such as abalones, scallops, prawns, mushrooms and dried moss. These ingredients are slow-cooked for up to 5 hours in a large claypot, and enhanced with the sharp flavor of fresh chicken broth. A perfect dish to share.

MFN Cabernet Merlot 2013 Miles from Nowhere Cabernet Merlot 2013

Retail Price: S$ 46.00

About the Pairing: This wine displays aromas of dark plums, blackcurrant in combination with subtle mint, sweet sage and milk chocolate. Good fruit intensity of blackcurrant Cabernet character with hints of sweet mint, combined with the juicy dark plum character from the Merlot, giving it a well-balanced acidity and attractive tannin structure. Goes excellent with the savory broth and freshness of the slow-cooked seafood.

Winery Website – http://www.milesfromnowhere.com.au/

Steamed Pomfret

Pair With: La Manufacture Chablis 2014

Steamed Promfet 02A classic Teochew dish, the Steam Pomfret is hugely dependent on the freshness of the fish. This classic dish is commonly steamed with ginger and sprinkled with green onion topped with a light drizzle of soy sauce giving a smooth texture and lightly flavored mouth feel.

333LMC313La Manufacture Chablis 2014

Retail Price: S$ 54.00

About the Wine: Bright pale colour with some greenish hints. Typical nose of lemon with a slight mineral touch. Vigorous and tensed mouth with a deep intensity and clear aromas. The Chablis suitably pairs with the light-natured Steamed Pomfret. Try it with tangy flavour of Ginger.


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