Up Close & Personal – Anant Tyagi, Assistant General Manager of ME@OUE

Anant Tyagi, Assistant General Manager of ME@OUE

Me@OUE – Singapore rooftop restaurant & Bar

The Rooftop Level, 50 Collyer Quay, OUE Bayfront, Singapore 049321, Tel: 6634 4555, Website: http://me-oue.com/

We caught up with Anant Tyagi, Assistant General Manager of Me@OUE, who oversees the wine and beverage list.

What is your thought process behind the wine list at ME@OUE?

I like to keep it fresh and ever evolving. We started with 614 expressions from around the world. I have changed 412 of those expressions in over 2 years. I always try to offer a bit of excitement on the wine list; I love it when customers return for their favourite bottle and it is no longer available – it starts the groundwork for invigorating conversation and a potentially great recommendation.

 What wine is best paired with the beautiful cityscape of ME@OUE?

Indoors, I will recommend a mildly oaked Pinot Noir with a slight tartness to it. I love Burgundies. Outdoors, I would like for it to be a sharp, fresh and acidic wine – such as a Gruner Veltliner or Gelber Muskateller.

What kind of wines are most popular at ME@OUE?

Burgundy and Bordeaux, but followed closely by unexpected regions such as Austria, Languedoc, Madiran, Alto Adige. This is thanks to our amazing team who is always in close contact with customers, giving them recommendations that give a better experience.

What is a good wine to pair with the diverse cuisines at the restaurant?

I personally believe Champagnes pair best with the cuisines we have at ME@OUE. My personal favourite is the Boizel Blanc de Noir – its lively pear and apricot driven palate with a mild toasted brioche finish is exceptional in my opinion and pairs well with dishes from the menu across the board.

Share with us one thing most people don’t know about you.

I love to fly and have definite intention of owning and regularly flying a spitfire very soon.

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