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The Wine Bottle Dimple



The Wine Bottle Dimple

Ever wondered why is there a dimple at the base of the bottle? Do a quick search on the internet and there would be numerous speculations explaining how the use of punts came about.

The ‘dimple’, also known as a punt, is the inverse indentation at the base of the bottle. Fret not, the purpose of the punt is not to try and rip you off. The volume of your wine is still accurate as specified. So what exactly is its reason for existence? finds out…

Punts strengthen your bottle

They add strength to the base of larger bottles, especially Champagne-style bottles. The indentation helps to give structural integrity to the bottle, which has to be pretty strong to hold the pressure of the bubbly wine.

Punts collect wine sediments

The angle of a punt allows sediment in a wine bottle to settle down into a tight space around the base, preventing the sediment from being disturbed and released back into the wine as it is poured into a glass

Punts ease your pouring of wine

The punts makes it easier to hold a wine bottle, especially when you are pouring from it. Place your thumb in the middle of the punt, while gripping the side of the bottle with your remaining four fingers and voila!

Punts make a good conversation topic

Besides adding style and flair to a bottle’s design, the punt makes you wonder about its reason for existence. Discuss… Fan club Fan Club