Wine Fun Fact | The Mystery of a Mouldy Wine Cork


The Mystery of a Mouldy Wine Cork

Ever bought a bottle of wine, cut open the seal, only to realize that the wine cork is moldy?

The presence of molds is usually never a good sign, especially when it appears on your food. It is an indication that your food has spoiled and fungus has begun attacking your food. This is typically triggered by a combination of warmth and moisture, and is particularly evident in the humid and temperate climate of Singapore.

Fret not, because it works differently for wine corks! The congregation of mold on the outside of a wine cork is not a problem. In fact, it may even be a good thing.

Before the wine is bottled and sealed, it resides in the winery’s cellar. The cork needs to remain moderately moist so that it can gently oxygenate the wine.

The mold’s presence suggests that there was a good deal of humidity present when the foil was put on the bottle at the winery. Humidity is good because dry air can contribute to a cork drying out. Dry corks shrink, then leak, letting wine out and/or too much oxygen in.

If you ever come across a moldy cork, simply wipe off the mold with a damp towel and open the bottle as you normally would. Fan club Fan Club