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Domaine La Manufacture, Burgundy – Chablis, France

The founders of la Manufacture are lovers of “la Belle Ouvrage”, a traditional French concept of perfectly crafted work. They bring to their wines the same rigour and precision of traditional craftsmanship that are found in horology, haute couture, and porcelain making… It is this unique knowhow for which France has been famous for centuries all over the world. La Manufacture is commited to excellence and fineness of execution and it conveys a prestigious portrait of today’s France with yesterday’s values.

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Burgundy and the Chalis Region

Burgundy is located in a unique geographical area. But that’s not all! Ideal weather for growing the vines, rich soil, famous grape varietals and above all, remarkable ‘Climates’ enable this blessed land to produce about 100 wine appellations recognized worldwide. Not forgetting the knowhow of Burgundy winemakers, passed down from generation to generation, as well as state of the art techniques.

The Chablis wine area covers 5000 hectares, including the town of Chablis and 19 neighbouring villages, in 4 appellation levels. The vines cover the hillsides all along the banks of the Serein river. The South/South/East exposure favours the maturation of the grapes at this latitude. The vines of Chablis are located in a sedimentary basin. This low-lying zone, once under the ocean, was gradually covered with the material that today make up the soil and subsoil of the Chablis wine region. The unique subsoil in Chablis is known as Kimmeridgean.


The Situation in Burgundy – Spring Frost

A late spring frost this year that hit French vineyards is threatening the harvest in Burgundy, winegrowers warn.A similar bout of sub-zero temperature last April stole nearly a third of the region’s 2016 vintage, with the unluckiest vintners losing as much as 70% of their crops in what was reportedly the worst gelée, as they’re called, in 30 years. The areas of Burgundy most affected by the frost were Chablis, Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits. Spring frosts are common in Chablis, so vintners there are prepared to stay awake and artificially warm their best parcels of land, known as climats—the ones that produce the best quality wines, known as premiers and grands crus. The growers have been aided by windy, dry weather, which is less dangerous to early vine leaves and buds than humid, stagnant air during a freeze.

Some words from Benjamin Laroche, winemaker of Domaine La Manufacture:

“The vineyards of Chablis is going through an unprecedented situation. The plant cycle just restarted, after a relatively cold and dry winter ; we had a very sunny early spring, and vegetation took 2 to 3 weeks in advance. The buds were out. For roughly 8 days, we face extremely strong night frosts. In some areas of Chablis, temperatures reached minus -6 ° C and less, for several hours, several consecutive nights.
Everyone has some form frost protection, sometimes efficient, sometimes less, but combat is lost when we face very low temperatures accompanied by a breeze or high humidity. The previous spring frost episodes that were important were in 1989 and 2003 in Chablis, but never successively two consecutive years since the fifties (1953 & 1954). We count on your support, your energy, to help us all in Chalis to overcome these unexpected events”



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Values of Excellence – Domaine La Manufacture

In the generally qualitative environment of the well known Chablis Estates and large general Burgundy traders, la Manufacture offers a distinctive and original mindset.

Because they do not have our own vines, like an independent estate, they go out into vineyards and cellars, and select the fruit of passionate winemakers. After a rigorous selection, long term partnerships, and extra qualitative plots picked, the goal of la Manufacture is to offer its connoisseur clientele some unique gems, which might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

They make a point of selecting partners who share our values of excellence. They work hard to give the best of their Terroir and are thus happy that la Manufacture rewards their wines with a selective distribution worldwide.

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A Tribute To Craftmanship

La Manufacture is a call for excellence, a tribute to craftsmanship. Each vintage is the fruit of our winemakers’ efforts. They give the best of their “Terroir” in every bottle. Their ambition, through this select group of wine professionals, is to bring the highest quality to every table, through flawless reactivity, thanks to the flexibility of a small dynamic team.

Benjamin Laroche

Benjamin Laroche – The Man behind the Scene

Deep roots in an exceptional “Terroir”. A native of Chablis, his family have had vines in the Chablis area since 1663 and have created a vineyard which is considered as one of the jewels of the Chablis appellation.

From his work in the vines during his childhood days to managing companies (Rhône Valley, Languedoc and Burgundy), he has been travelling all over France and the rest of the world for more than 15 years. Throughout this wide experience, he has managed to capture the wishes and needs of the most demanding amateurs.

Benjamin Laroche is constantly looking for outstanding gems in the vineyard. He finds undiscovered treasures among passionate winemakers who masterfully manage their plots. He then selects and distributes them under the seal of excellence: la Manufacture.


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The Wines

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