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Pieropan, Italy, Veneto – Soave

Four generations have worked at the Pieropan family estate since its foundation in 1890, each contributing something different depending on their generation, their knowledge and their entrepreneurial spirit. Viticulture and vinification began with Leonildo, a doctor in the small town of Soave, who, driven by his understanding of biology and chemistry began working in the family vineyards and cellars.

His sons, Fausto and Gustavo continued his work with great passion, but the turning point for the estate came with Leonildo, grandson of the founder who, with the force of his sense of vocation, carved out his own style. A belief in the central importance of the vine, an unceasing pursuit of quality and innovative winemaking processes are the key charactestics of the Pieropan identity.



The Pieropan business was founded in 1880 in the heart of the medieval village of Soave, in the historic Palazzo Pullici. Four generations marked the history of the company, each with their own contributions which varied according to the times, knowledge and entrepreneurial attitude.
The wine business started with Leonildo, physician of Soave, who was driven by knowledge in biology and chemistry and began working in the family vineyards and whose work in the cellars was carried on by his sons, Fausto and Gustavo who worked with infinite passion.
The intertwining of vines continues to be the lifeblood that fuels the Pieropan style and mission. The first fifth-generation leaflets have already blossomed, fuelled by deep roots and solid, well established branches… The future looks hopeful and bright.




In the philosophy of the Pieropan family business, their vineyard is the guarantee of true quality. The family personally manage their vineyards which exclusively feature traditional varieties. The viticulture is designed to be environmentally friendly. For several years, the company has implemented the organic farming code as a lifestyle choice to respect the local territory. The vineyards are all found in the traditional hills of Soave, featuring exposure to different altitudes. The estate includes two vineyards that are particularly characteristic due to their appearance and personality.
Calvarino Vineyard
The Calvarino Vineyard is located in the heart of the traditional Soave area and represents the company’s old family land since 1901. It consists of a series of terraces that let the grapes get better exposure to light and allow ideal ripening. The soil is rich with volcanic basalts, giving the wine savoury and elegant mineral notes.
The name Calvarino actually means “small ordeal”, due to the difficulty of working the soil and to the tortuous path to reach the estate.
La Rocca Vineyard
The terrain is geologically very old and is calcareous. The harvest to collect the ripe grapes takes place in late October. La Rocca wines feature bouquet-like and unique taste notes that are impossible to replicate, and that are typical of a classy wine. The magical setting of the castle gives the place a special charm.
The La Rocca vineyard is located on the hillside of Mount Rocchetta near the medieval Verona Castle in Soave. La Rocca is South-West faced and includes several long, narrow terraces. They are a perfect example of the work carried out harmoniously with the landscape.
Garzon Vineyard
The Pieropans bought an uncultivated lot on the mountain Garzon at 400 meters above sea level in Cellore Illasi in 1999. In order to turn it into a large vineyard, it was necessary to carry out a significant operation to remove the top layer; the recess of the rock showed a soil that had great potential, suitable for the Valpolicella variety (Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Croatina Veronese).
The land is fully south-facing with complete solar radiation that yields excellent ripening of the fruit. The limestone and clay soil and the environment that feature a very windy and dry micro-climate, with many temperature fluctuations, are all ideal conditions for the production of rich, whole yet fine and elegant wines.
Pieropan wines have been recognized internationally, with many awards, honours and high ratings from top wine critics such as Robert Parker, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Decanter, James Suckling, and so on…
Their awards can be viewed here: http://www.pieropan.it/en/awards/
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