Wines from a lesser known area – Puglia, Italy


Rivera, Italy, Puglia

Puglia Wine is Italy’s Secret to Value

If you want fruit-forward, ripe, red wine for a good price, look no further than Puglia. Some of the best values in Italian wine come from this sunny, dry region. Most Puglia wine is red, full-bodied and will pair well with a wide variety of foods. Producers in Puglia have focused on making great red wines and local grapes like Negroamaro, Primitivo, and Bombino Nero make for delicious drinking.

Puglian wine is the product of a diverse landscape. Half of Italy’s olive oil is produced in the dry heat of Puglia. The warm climate and fertile soil make it easy to grow almost anything. Puglia is surrounded by water on three sides allowing cool breezes off the Meditteranean to moderate vineyard temperatures.

Puglia Wines and Food

Puglian wines work well with a variety of foods. A Southern Italian trattoria would be incomplete without regional wines. The raw elements of Southern Italian cuisine are suited to bright, easy drinking reds like the ones from Puglia. Fresh vegetables, fruity tomatoes, and peppery olive oil are easily complemented by the ripe, big flavors of Puglian wine. Puglian food showcases vegetables first: fava beans, eggplants, bell peppers all find their way into pastas, gratins and stews. Stuffed aubergines, lamb and pea stew, and orecchiete pasta with turnip greens are a few examples. For people looking to explore summer’s abundance and cook or grill lots of vegetables, Puglian wine is a perfect compliment.


Rivera – Puglia, Italy

The de Corato family roots go deep into the agriculture of Puglia. Here, in the countryside of Andria, Sebastiano de Corato founded the Azienda Vinicola Rivera in the late 1940s, inspired by a vision of realising, and bringing to the world’s attention, the enormous viticultural potential of the Castel del Monte area.

Widespread recognition quickly followed and since then Rivera, has become the benchmark of Puglia quality wine production and the force driving its rebirth, thanks also to innovations in both vineyards and winemaking introduced since the early 1980s by his son Carlo.
Today, with the involvement of the third generation of the family represented by Carlo’s sons Sebastiano and Marco, Rivera continues with pride and renewed commitment the production of wines that eloquently express the intense yet elegant character of this land and its native grape varieties.

The winery’s winemaking philosophy is rigorously applied to every step of the process: vineyard management, grape harvest, winemaking, maturation and bottling; the most up-to-date viticultural and oenological practices are married to the deepest respect for natural processes, with all activities focused on achieving environmental and economic sustainability and on continuous improvement in quality.


Check out these Puglia Wines with fantastic value!


Rivera Fedora Castel Del Monte DOC Bianco 2013

Retail Price: S$ 34.00

Grape: 65% Bombino Bianco – 20% Pampanuto – 15% Chardonnay

About the Wine: Straw yellow; crisp bouquet with floral and fruit notes; fruit-rich palate, delicate, well balanced, and with a subtle, tasty acidity. Fedora is a fresh and fruity white wine produced with a blend of local white grape varieties, such as Pampanuto and Bombino Bianco, and a small percentage of Chardonnay that exalts its complexity. The result is a pleasantly dry, fresh and fruity white wine that is perfect as an aperitif and that well matches entrees, seafood and light pastas.







Rivera Locorotondo DOC White 2015

Retail Price: S$ 34.00

Grape: 50% Verdeca – 50% Bianco d’Alessano

About the Wine:   Pale straw; fruity bouquet with classic notes of fresh-mown hay and rennet apple; dry, light-bodied palate, with a crisp-edged finish. “Locorotondo” is obtained from the vinification of two of the traditional grapes originally from the valley of “Trulli” called Verdeca and White Alessano providing a dry wine, fresh and light with typical hints of hay and rennet. Served well chilled it is excellent as an aperitif and goes well with fish dishes.




Rivera Rosé Castel Del Monte DOC 2013

Retail Price: S$34.00

Grape: 100% Bombino Nero

About the Wine:  Light cherry hue with purple highlights; fruit-rich, emphatic bouquet with notes of cherry and strawberry; crisp, refreshing palate with full fruit and delicious acidity. It is obtained mainly from Bombino Nero, traditionally from the rocky hills of the DOC Castel del Monte. After a soft crushing, the grapes stay in the soak for 12-15 hours to take of from skins the right color and aroma that will give the characteristics and uniqueness that make this wine. Dry, light and fruity, it is a classic wine to be served well chilled.






Rivera Rupicolo Castel Del Monte DOC 2013

Retail Price: S$ 36.00

Grape: 40% Nero di Troia – 10% Cabernet Sauvignon – 50% other indigenous grapes

About the Wine: Ruby with purple highlights; bouquet of wild red berry fruit; smooth, fruity late, well balanced with subtly tannic finish.  Fresh and fruity red made from the assemblage of traditional varieties of the DOC Castel del Monte, including “Nero di Troia”, and the international “Cabernet Sauvignon”. The result is a wine very easy to drink that expresses a fresh bouquet and floral aroma with notes of black pepper and a pleasing and dynamic palate with a beautiful finish. Soups, pasta sauces and meats are the most appropriate combinations.






Rivera Triusco Puglia IGT Rosso Primitivo 2014

Retail Price: S$52.00

Grape: 100% Primitivo

About the Wine: An opaque purple; intense bouquet of blackcurrant and blackberry; very full-bodied, warm, and smooth in the mouth, with fragrant notes of dried plum, cassis, and dark chocolate. With “Triusco”, Rivera aims at a delicately-balanced blend of the characteristics of the primitivo variety grown in two representative but different terroirs. 60% of the blend comes in fact from Manduria, where the variety shows the fullest body and character, and 40% is sourced from Gioia del Colle DOC area, where the cooler climate and the rocky soils lend wines of greater elegance and balance. Impenetrable purple color and intense bouquet of dark berry jam and cocoa, the taste is full and smooth with a long finish. Served at 18-20 °C, goes well with dishes rich in flavor. Fan club Fan Club