Bodegas Roda Aubocassa Extra Virgin Olive Oil (50cl) |

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Bodegas Roda Aubocassa Extra Virgin Olive Oil (50cl)
Rioja - Spain
  • S$42.00

Country: Spain
Region: Majorca, Finca Aubocassa
Aging Potential: Use Now
Size: 50cl


Subtle and complete, it is made according to the concept of “Terroir Oil” or “Oil Château”, which means that all the oil comes from a single property. Each harvest, this oil conveys the sensations of that particular growing season, showing different characteristics from one year to the next.

AUBOCASSA oil has reached the desired goal: to be a fresh, 100% Arbequina fruit juice, with clear and vegetable nuances. The palate is silky, fresh, with notes of fruit and a friendly, fluid, balanced mouthfeel.

  • Yellow green.
  • Very intense, citrus aromas of lemon zest and lemon leaves are appreciable at a distance of 5 cm from the glass. As it gets closer to the nose, fine green herbal and mastic aromas take their turn. On the edge of the glass vegetable gardens and tomatoes on the branch take over the leading role. Inside, lies the fruit: apples, peaches, pears and kiwis. In the background, the nuts, particularly green almonds.
  • Fresh, fluid texture, leaving a very pleasant, amiable sensation. Green almonds and fresh fruit coat the mouth. Delicate and intense. A light sharpness stimulates the taste buds. Aubocassa.