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Born and bred in Singapore, trained as a high-performance computing specialist, he picked up wine as a hobby/escape during his tenure in the tech industry. 
In his own words, "wine was a hobby that got out of hand".

It has been 7 years since Mort has stepped into the wine & beverage world professionally, chasing industry-respected qualifications and exploring the world of epicurean excellence.  
In the evenings, he is flaunting his skills tableside and behind the grill.
Ushering his guests on a gastronomic adventure into a foray of multifaceted pairings and food options.

Adventurous but with utmost respect for tradition, experimentative and keen on trying new pairings or delving deeper into any subject.
He has ingrained attention to fine details and believes in adding a bespoke flair to every event.
Never satisfied with the status quo, he is constantly challenging himself by taking on new projects and certifications. 



A4 Wagyu (Miyazaki) Chateaubriand x Frapatto di Vittoria 2021 C.O.S. 

Chateaubriand is the infamous portion of the tenderlion and commands the highest premium by weight.
Famed for being delicate, melt in mouth texture; we cut it thinly sliced, shio seasoning(salt and pepper), grilled on a very low heat, medium rare on the side of rare and twice folded.

Enjoyed in one bite, paired with the very mineral Frapatto to give it a complex tertiary lift for a truly complementary pairing.
Frapatto is a very interesting grape with textural similarities to Pinot Noir and under the 3 amigos of C.O.S., it truely shows off its Sicilian terrior.



A4 Wagyu(Miyazaki) Empitsu cut x Tetre Rotebouef 2011 St Emilion

Empitsu/pencil is a small and very specific part of the ribeye, unsurprisingly named after its shape. 
Lightly salted with fine sea salt, mated with black pepper and grilled to medium doneness(very well marbled) over a med-high heat.
Alone, it is intense and rich with well-integrated melting waygu fats, enjoyed alone with the St Emilion first and then with fried garlic chips. 

Fats mating with the tannins of the Tetre Rotebouef, providing a cloak of effortless opulence.
For the 2011 Tetre Rotebouef (Burping cow) it needs to be very gently decanted into a small decanter 15mins to 30mins in advance so as to preserve its bouquet but loosen its body.




YAKINIQUEST was opened in 2014 in Boat Quay, Singapore by husband-and-wife duo Suguru Ishida and his wife, Tomoko, to showcase the highlights of their yakiniku (Japanese grilled beef) chronicles.

Origins of the restaurant can be traced back to nearly two decades ago in Tokyo, Japan, when Mr and Mrs Ishida and their three friends – all fervent dining enthusiasts with an insatiable appetite for yakiniku – convened with a sole mission to uncover and document some of the most exquisite yakiniku dining experiences across the country.

Together they conquered the menus of more than 2,000 of such specialty restaurants over the span of 15 years, with each experience meticulously documented online at yakiniquest.com, a site well recognised by the Japanese foodie community.

Website: https://www.yakiniquest.sg/
Reservations: Click Here
Address: 333A Orchard Road #04-08 S238897
E-mail: info@yakiniquest.sg
Tel: +65 6223 4129
WhatsApp: +65 8563 4749
Social media : @yakiniquest