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Voilah Wine Pairing Buffet Dinner at Oscar's (Conrad Hotel)
Join our in-house sommelier, Marie Agnes Labopin as we collaborate with Oscar @ Conrad and the VOILAH! French Festival Singapore to put together an exquisite Wine Pairing Buffet Dinner at a fantastic ..
An Italian Aperitivo at Dolce Vita (Mandarin Oriental)
Experience the authentic Italian Aperitivo in an one night event. Enjoy a selection of specially curated Antipasti, along with a classical array of Nino Franco Proseccos. Meet Primo Franco, the man wh..
Celler Pinol Wine Dinner
Experience an evening dedicated to an authentic Spanish dining experience, with the highly rated and elegant cuvees of Celler Pinol, Terra Alta, Spain. Meet the winemaker of Celler Pinol, Juanjo Pinol..