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Yves Cuilleron - Cave Yves Cuilleron

12 Apr 2016
Yves Cuilleron - Cave Yves Cuilleron

Yves is a very talented winemaker who took over the family estate in 1987, and brought it in 22 years, from 3, 5 Hectares to over 75 today. Condrieu, Côte Rôtie, Saint Joseph, Cornas, Saint Peray are covered by the Cuilleron domain.With a yearly production of over 430 000 bottles, Yves Cuilleron is part of this new generation of northern Rhône winemakers who brought back prestige to the region.

In 1997, Yves along with other local winemakers as Laurent Villard, Pierre Gaillard and Pierre-Jean Villa created Les Vins de Vienne, another high quality brand with global recognition. Also part of the Different Wines selection.

When it comes to winemaking, making wine, a wine like every other, is inconceivable. He wants a wine with the “Cuilleron signature”! A wine that bears the hallmarks of its terroir and vintage but also has its own, original character. Which is why Yves Cuilleron prefers parcel-based vinification; which is why he separates old and younger vines.

While he was in Singapore in 2015, We had a great time showing Yves Cuilleron around, who has been praised by wine authority Robert Parker as “one of the most brilliant winemakers in Northern Rhone” He’s had a few words:

I am bringing back lost grape varieties. It’s a project I have been working on with 15 other winemakers to replant grape varietals from Northern Rhone that were lost when farmers started pulling vines out and planting apricots and peaches in the 1950s as it made more money. This is a shame as the vineyards in Condrieu were as expensive as those in Champagne and Burgundy in the 18th and 19th century.

My father worked in the factory but he liked to eat well. He grew his own vegetables and made his own wine. We didn’t have to money to buy high-end stuff but we learnt about quality as my dad grew and made them and he taught us. At ten years old, I was drinking good wine mixed with water.

Condrieu is always great, but try the Rousilliere Blanc for something new. It’s the name of the vineyard parcel and is a blend of Viognier, Marsanne, Rousanne grapes. The sweet wine is made Sauternes style, with only 2,000 bottles. It is less expensive than Condrieu, and is about one-third the price.