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Elisabetta Foradori

12 Apr 2016
Elisabetta Foradori

Considered as one of the most influential female winemakers in the world, Elisabetta Foradori took over the winery in 1984 after completing her studies at the S. Michele all’Adige wine school.

After facing her first vintage in 1984, she worked to convert the winery to a biodynamic farming system in 2002 and in 2007, the winery joined VinNatur and started making natural wines. Foradori has since been making use of biodynamic farming methods in their vineyards while diligently working with great care in the cellars for over 10 years. This has led to excellent results.

Elisabetta is humble and easy going even though her wines are of exceptional quality. Focused on producing grapes and wine that express the true essence of the land, she says that she wants to leave this land healthy and alive for her four children.

Elisabetta Foradori has been working with the Teroldego grape for the last 25 years. She admits that as a young graduate of the wine institute in Alto Adige, she did not listen to the land as she was more preoccupied with the survival of the winery. But towards the end of 1990s, she felt that the wines she produced lacked a soul and she says that when she looks back she is filled with gratitude because it is through those perceptions that she finally found her true self.

About the Winery

Elisabetta Foradori winery is situated in Trentino, where the mountain ranges make up the Dolomites, a World Heritage Site, are found between the Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions and delineate a landscape of extraordinary beauty.

Foradori has been using biodynamic preparations in their vineyards while diligently working with great care in the cellar for over ten years; biodynamic farming is a “solar” agronomic operation: every action in the field tends to bring the Sun’s forces into the soil’s and plant’s vital processes. Our planetary system is truly a living organism where each planet’s sphere of influence penetrates the sunlight that permeates the Earth. The use of biodynamic preparations catalyses these forces. Their aim is to work in a closed-cycle farming organism, i.e. a self-sufficient one. The human/social, plant, animal and mineral components have synergetic roles and as such are given equal consideration in their day-to-day activities.

Foradori does not intervene in the winery; nothing is added, but they guide the wine while paying attention to its needs. Thus, the wine keeps an expressive spontaneity and bears the personality of its intense and live raw material. In this way, they bring into the wineglass the fragrance of the flowers from the mountain pastures, the minerality of the surrounding cliffs, the transparency of the mountain skies, the character of the people that live in these alpine valleys. Foradori aim to convey with each bottle the character of the land of Trentino. They harvest the grapes from vineyards covering 26 hectares - 80% of Teroldego, 15% of Manzoni Bianco and 5% of Nosiola - to produce an average of 160,000 bottles per year: 90,000 of Foradori, 20,000 of Granato, 20,000 of Fontanasanta Manzoni Bianco, 8,000 of Fontanasanta Nosiola and 10,000 for each of the vineyard Sgarzon and Morei.

They are certifi­ed by ICEA and Demeter since 2009.