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Marc Kreydenweiss

12 Apr 2016
Marc Kreydenweiss

Born in Strasbourg in 1948, Marc Kreydenweiss is heir to a family of viticulturists who have lived in Alsace for three centuries. He has owned and managed the Domaine since 1971. In 1984, he made the decision to exclusively produce extremely high quality wine based on a new type of expression: Terroir. As a result, the wines have preserved the delicacy on which their reputation was established but now contain increased concentration, complexity and a taste that lingers longer on the palate. In 1989, these same requirements led Marc to introduce biodynamic cultivation at the Domaine. Using ‘homeopathic’ treatments and practices, the soil remains alive and well balanced yielding healthy and high-quality grapes. At present, Marc manages a 12 hectare estate

His wife, Emmanuelle, and his children, Manfred and Antoine, work alongside him and share his philosophy. It is a family adventure in which each member offers his or her abilities in a specifically assigned role and in perfect harmony for your enjoyment.

About the Winery

Domaine Marc Kreydenweiss was established in Alsace, in 1650 and has been in the same family for thirteen generations—more than three and a half centuries.

In 1971, at age 23, Marc Kreydenweiss took over the family winery. Among his first innovations were a switch to organic farming and yield reduction through extensive pruning. Most importantly, in 1984, he began focusing on planting specific varietals matched to specificterroirs to capture the truest expression of each grape variety.

Over the years, Marc’s love for the soil grew into a love for the earth, and he began to champion the well-being of the planet and preservation of its natural resources. He found himself drawn to biodynamic viticulture, and the domaine began embracing biodynamic practices in 1989.
By 1990, Marc had converted the estate to 100 percent biodynamic farming, a distinction shared by a small group of wineries worldwide.

With biodynamics, the grapes are organically cultivated, without pesticides or commercial fertilizers, and vineyard work is timed to the cycles of the sun, moon and stars. The vines are pruned very short to control yields and are cleaned of all extra shoots to allow for good aeration and exposure to the sun. Pruning also ensures even spacing of grape bunches on each vine.