Bodegas la Horra

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Bodegas la Horra
About Winery

Bodegas Roda undertakes a new adventure. After a trajectory over twenty years, which has become by its consolidated work of the R&D research, one of the most prestigious wineries in the D.O.Ca Rioja, Roda proposes to exploit the knowledge and experience to diversify in the D.O. Ribera del Duero with Bodegas La Horra. The diversification of the company began in 1999 with the olive oil. Nowadays, Bodegas Roda produces two olive oil plots: Dauro in the Empordà and Aubocassa in Majorca. The new company will exploit the existing synergies in the R&D research and the commercial distribution of Roda, Dauro and Aubocassa, products available in 55 countries.

Isidro Palacios

Isidro Palacios was born in Rioja (1961), Rodezno -Haro region, and is the descendent of the winemakers. He graduated from Polytechnic University of Valencia and owns a Masters degree Viticulture from the University of La Rioja. He was a fellow of the research center of La Rioja and an official of the government of La Rioja.

He joined Bodegas Winery in 1992 and the pioneer of Bodegas Corimbo since its launch in 1999. Additionally, he was also involved in AUBOCASSA since the start. He is responsible for cultivation in the three companies and actively participates in product management and design.