Cara Nord

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Cara Nord
About Winery

Cara Nord was created by 3 people, joined for more than 20 years by their friendship and their passion for wine: Tomas Cusine, Xavier Cepero and Eric Solomon. They had many years of experience in the wine industry, and in March 2012 they decided to start a winemaking project together. They all had long been attracted to the majesty of the North Face of the Sierra de Prades and its magnificent climate, land and history of quality winemaking. It is an environment classified of great Geological Interest and protected by the Natural Park of the Forest of Poblet. From experienced they knew the potential of the grapes grown in the Prades Mountains when it came to making good wines: the excellence seen in the DO Priorat, the reliability of D.O. Montsant, and the creativity of the DO Costers del Segre all originate from the same mountain range.

Tomàs Cusiné Barber

The vinegrower and businessman Tomàs Cusiné Barber (1962) owns the following wineries: Tomàs Cusiné, Castell del Remei, Cérvoles Celler and Cara Nord. In 1985, he started making wine at the then family- owned Castell del Remei winery. With this company, and while on the lookout for mountain lands and vineyards, Tomàs also started the Cérvoles winery in 1997. In 2003, in the same area, he decided to start out on his most personal project to date, which ended up becoming the winery that bears his name in the village of El Vilosell. Expert in the DO Costers del Segre wine region, he go over the limits imposed by the designation of origin and create the Cara Nord cellar (DO Conca de Barberà) and producing the Mineral wine (DO Montsant).

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