Domaine du Vissoux / Chermette

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Domaine du Vissoux / Chermette
About Winery

"For three generations, wine has been part of my family history, on my mother’s and father’s sides. My paternal grandfather established the estate in 1920. By 1947, he was selling his wine in bottles. In 1960, my uncle Antoine Cuilleron became the estate manager. In 1987, when I took over running it, I decided to settle in Verlieu, my mother’s home village.
Without a rigorous approach, passion is not enough. And so I wanted to understand and control everything. To be sure my wines are totally home-made, I have rejected off-the-shelf ideas, refused to copy others. Since the start, I have personally monitored every stage of production, from vine-planting to wine-bottling. This exacting, hands-on attitude means I am constantly thinking about my tools and facilities. Hence the new cellar built in Verlieu in 1992, then extended in 1999. And the major construction and extension programme in 2007. Everything has been redesigned – the buildings for vinification, maturating, storage and reception. In a nutshell, I focus on everything. That’s the price you pay for quality."


Martine and Pierre-Marie Chermette

The art of making wine that reveals the grape A Child of Beaujolais Pierre-Marie Chermette was brought up in the vineyard of Saint Vérand, which is in the Pierres Dorées area. At the family table at Domaine du Vissoux, the white and red wines from their vines have given pleasure for generations. To complete his winemaking and vinegrowing education, Pierre-Marie studied oenology at the University of Dijon from which he graduated in 1980. He then came home and put his whole heart into the family estate. In 1982 he decided on a full quality control approach from the vineyard through to the marketing of his wines.

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