La Manufacture

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La Manufacture
About Winery

The founders of la Manufacture are lovers of “la Belle Ouvrage”, a traditional French concept of perfectly crafted work. They bring to their wines the same rigour and precision of traditional craftsmanship that are found in horology, haute couture, and porcelain making… It is this unique knowhow for which France has been famous for centuries all over the world. La Manufacture is commited to excellence and fineness of execution and it conveys a prestigious portrait of today’s France with yesterday’s values.

In the generally qualitative environment of the well known Chablis Estates and large general Burgundy traders, la Manufacture offers a distinctive and original mindset.

Because they do not have their own vines like an independent state, they go out into vineyards and cellars, and select the fruit of passionate winemakers. After a rigorous selection, long term partnerships, and extra qualitative plots selection, the goal of la Manufacture is to offer its connoisseur clientele some unique gems, which might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

They make a point of selecting partners who share their values of excellence. They work hard to give the best of their Terroir and are thus happy that la Manufacture rewards their wine with a selective distribution worldwide.

Benjamin Laroche

Originally from Chablis, his family has been exploiting this Chablis terroir since 1663 and has created an estate that has been considered since 1850 as one of the flagships of the appellation.

From working in the vines during his youth to the commercial management of several wine companies (Rhône, Languedoc, Burgundy), he has traveled France and the world and has identified the desires and needs of the most demanding wine lovers.

Deep roots in an exceptional “Terroir”. A native of Chablis, his family have had vineyards in the Chablis area since 1663 and have created a vineyard which is considered as one of the jewels of the Chablis appellation.

From his work in the vines during his childhood to managing companies (Rhône Valley, Languedoc and Burgundy), he has traveled over France and the rest of the world for more than 15 years. Throughout this wide experience, he has managed to capture the wishes and needs of the most demanding amateurs.

"Passionate about Burgundy for a long time, I decided at 40, surrounded by personalities who share my values, to offer a range of wines that know how to enhance this terroir with its unique climates but above all by paying tribute to manual, precise and rigorous of the winegrowers ”.

Benjamin Laroche is constantly looking for outstanding gems in the vineyard. He finds undiscovered treasures among passionate winemakers who masterfully manage their plots. He then selects and distributes them under the seal of excellence: La Manufacture.

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