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About Winery

Four generations have worked at the Pieropan family estate since its foundation in 1890, each contributing something different depending on their generation, their knowledge and their entrepreneurial spirit.

Amarone della Valpolicella Vigna Garzon is born in a vineyard located 450 meters above sea level planted to Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Croatina and other indigenous grapes. This wine is especially intense and expressive with articulate tones of spice, dried fruit, dried terracotta and grilled herb that lift elegantly from the glass. There's a tangy sweet oak flavor that needs to soften with a few more years of bottle aging.

Dario and Andrea Pieropan

Viticulture and vinification began with Leonildo, a doctor in the small town of Soave, who, driven by his understanding of biology and chemistry began working in the family vineyards and cellars.

His sons, Fausto and Gustavo continued his work with great passion, but the turning point for the estate came with Leonildo, grandson of the founder who, with the force of his sense of vocation, carved out his own style. A belief in the central importance of the vine, an unceasing pursuit of quality and innovative winemaking processes are the key charactestics of the Pieropan identity.

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