Sella & Mosca Terre Bianche Alghero Torbato DOC 2018 |

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Sella & Mosca Terre Bianche Alghero Torbato DOC 2018
Sardinia - Italy
  • S$49.00

An ancient sardinian varietal, torbato is said to have reached the shores of the iberian peninsula thanks to the Phoenicians, and later brought to the island by the Catalans when they governed it.
It is an especially fascinating varietal, which was studied for many years by Sella & Mosca, the first winery to produce it unblended. Terre Bianche takes its name from the calcareous soil, and the wine stands out for its bouquet and harmony.

  • Color
    A straw yellow with warm golden highlights
  • Nose
    Aromas of citrus, floral notes of chamomile and fruited notes of white peaches, veined and made precious by refined mineral tones.
  • Palate
    Well structured and enveloping, it has a sinuous palate, fresh and long lasting, with an extremely pleasant undertone of iodine
  • Grilled Shellfish
  • Seafood
  • Steam Fish