WDW2023 - Walkabout Wine Hall (Day Pass)

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WDW2023 - Wine Hall Walkabout (Pair Promotion)
  • S$138.00

*For purchase of more than 1 masterclass please WhatsApp us via the WhatsApp icon at the bottom of the page*

The Wine Discovery Walkabout Tasting

Date : 04 November 2023 | Saturday

Time : 11am to 5pm

Venue : MYMCA @ Stevens Road

Ticket : $138 nett per pair

  • Tasting of more than 100+ varieties of wines

Exclusive Masterclass

Date : 04 November 2023 | Saturday

Time : 11am to 5pm

Venue : MYMCA @ Stevens Road

Ticket : add on $36 nett, each masterclass per session per pair

Each Day Pass comes with :

  • Complimentary Sampling of all 100+ boutique and premium wines
  • A Tasting Booklet
  • A Light refreshment
  • Special 15% discount dine in at New Ubin Seafood (term & condition applied)

Ticket collection :

Ticket will be issued on the date of the event at the registration counter. Kindly show email purchase confirmation for the verification.

Why you should attend Wine Hall Walkabout?

  • To taste 100+ artisanal wines, from 11 am - 5 pm
  • To discover new labels and network with our winemakers and sommeliers
  • To cash and carry some specific wines at discounted prices.

Why you should pick a thematic masterclass series?

  • To learn in deep with the winemaker, sommelier and master of wines.
  • To taste the fine wines and discover the story behind each wine.


11.30 am-12.15 pm

“Rhone Valley and Kamptal"

  • Cave Yves Cuilleron (Rhone Valley, France)
  • Jurtschitsch (Kamptal, Austria)

● 12.45 pm - 1.30 pm

"A six-bottle masterclass to sparkling wine"

  • Cava Agusti Torello (Penedes, Spain)
  • Nino Franco (Veneto, Italy)

● 2.15 pm - 3 pm

"A journey to Champagne and Bordeaux"

  • Champagne Boizel (Champagne, France)
  • Dourthe (Bordeaux, France)

● 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm

"Extraordinary Terroir & Flavour"

  • Gusbourne Estate (Kent, United Kingdom)
  • Celler Pinol (Terra Alta, Spain)
  • Elisabetta Foradori (Trentino-Alto Adige - Italy)