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What are fine wines?
The term "fine wine" is definitely one that is more subjective than objective. Often, whether a wine is considered fine depends on who you ask as people have different tastes. Therefore, what may seem fine to one person may not for others. This goes to show that fine wines will be classified according to the criteria of the person drinking the wine. However, in general, a fine wine is one of exceptional quality. As a result, wines considered fine wines often cost substantially more than table wines or mass-market wines. While there are many legal requirements for what goes on wine labels in various countries, there is no legal definition of fine wine. It is mostly a marketing term, although there are generally recognized components to what makes a fine & rare wine.

Classification of wines according to its fine quality and distinction is usually based on the "track record" of the wine, where its value and reputation is used as an underlying factor that will define the quality of wines being sold at an auction. Nevertheless, to clearly identify the real excellence behind a good wine will still depend on some solid factors that people must know. Here is a list of some of the aspects that must be considered when classifying fine wines: Quality, Provenance, Ageing potential, Reputation, Rarity and price.

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