Surgiva : Acqua Minerale Naturale

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Surgiva Water

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The name comes from the immaculate peaks of the Adamello Brenta Nature Reserve in the heart of Trentino, where it pours pristinely from a high altitude spring, close to Madonna di Campiglio.

Surgiva is on one of the lightest waters in the World. The very low levels of nitrates attest to the extraordinary purity at the source and its neutral taste is as enchanting as the natural landscape surrounding the spring.
The latest chemical and bacterial analysis carried out using high tech American methods showed results of excellent purity.
Thanks to its lightness, Surgiva is ideal for those who follow a healthy lifestyle and is recommended for people following a low salt diet and children. 


The water chosen by sommeliers

Surgiva is the official water of the Italian National Sommelier Association: thanks to its extremely low fixed residue, Surgiva does not alter the taste of the wines that it accompanies during tasting sessions.
Furthermore, it adds the perfect final touch to the table’s taste triangle composed by food, wine, and water.

The Surgiva Award was established on the basis of the long-standing partnership between Trentino’s company and the Italian National Sommelier Association.
The award aims at enhancing the role played by sommeliers as genuine promoters of quality drinking experiences and it usually goes to the local delegation
belonging to the Association that has distinguished itself for its innovation or particular ability in raising awareness about the culture of water and wine drinking.


The importance of reading the label

Surgiva’s fixed residue is extremely low at 0.041 g/l. Its sodium content is also minimal, with a figure of 0.0019 g/l.
Recent chemical analysis and bacteriological examination performed with the “American method” showed excellent results in terms of purity.

Surgiva is ideal for low-sodium diets and for children’s consumption.
Its extremely low nitrate content attests the extraordinary purity of the spring.

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