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What are fortified wine?
Fortified wines are wines that have been "fortified" with a distilled spirit such as brandy. Unlike standard wine, which contains only the alcohol that results from fermentation, these wines, which include Port, sherry, Madeira, and Marsala, have extra alcohol added in the form of flavorless grape brandy.

Ranging from roughly 15 to 22 percent ABV, added alcohol does more than make these bottles very efficient after a long day. Essentially, the brandy that fortifies these wines plays two roles: (1) It halts fermentation, leaving sweet flavors behind in wines and (2) it acts as a preservative, preventing oxidation and spoilage. In some cases, the spirit added might also enhance the wine's natural flavors. Unlike most wine, these bottles will last anywhere from three weeks to several years after opening.

During production, the additional brandy is added either midway through fermentation or after fermentation is complete. Adding brandy during fermentation kills the yeast in the wine and leaves a deliciously sweet wine in its wake, like in Port or French Banyuls. For dry fortified wines like sherry and some Madeiras, the extra booze is added after fermentation where it adds power and prevents spoilage. Other than the oomph of alcohol given to the wines, they’re treated just like regular wines, aged in barrels or bottle, and eventually released.

What types of fortified wines are there?
1. Sherry. This fortified wine is produced in the Jerez region of Spain and is made from the Palomino, Muscat, or Pedro Ximénez grape. Sherry wine production is unique in that the winemaker intentionally exposes the wine to oxygen, which imparts a nutty and briny flavor profile. Before bottling, entire barrels are blended with portions of older wines. This is known as the solera method and is almost entirely exclusive to sherry. Sherry, like vermouth, is fortified with brandy and typically clocks in at around 15 to 18 percent alcohol by volume. Like any wine, it should be refrigerated but will retain its freshness about four times as long as a typical wine. There are many styles of sherry, ranging from the lighter fino style to the darker oloroso style. For those seeking an especially sweet drink, try a Pedro Ximénez sherry wine. Not all sherry wines are sweet, there are some dry sherry wine out there as well.

2. Port. Unlike sherry, which ranges in color and sweetness, port is typically a red, sweet, fortified wine although there are lesser-known dry white and dry rosé varieties. Hailing from Portugal, port wine gets its sweetness from brandy that is added before the fermentation process is finished.

Tawny port wine taste slightly sweet, complex, aged, garnet-hued red wine. Ruby port is a younger version with its lovely namesake color and fruity taste. Meanwhile, the more unusual rosé port is beautifully fragrant and bright with that signature pink hue made famous by rosé wine. How to drink port wine? These sweet port wines are considered digestif or dessert wines, and pairs perfectly with a range of dishes. For tawny and ruby port, try chocolate truffles, chocolate cake, or smoked cheeses. For the rosé or white port wines, pair with strawberry angel food cake, stone fruit, or lemon meringue pie.

3. Vermouth
4. Madeira.
5. Marsala.
6. Moscatel de Setúbal.

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