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What are vintage for wines?
When it comes to wine, vintage is the big one, the thing most people tend to find complicated and confusing. But the bottom line is that it's all actually quite simple. A wine's vintage simply tells you which year the grapes were picked not when they are bottled. What’s more, wine labels with the world “single vintage” denote a bottle made exclusively from grapes from a single harvest or crop. Depending on the producing country, that ratio must be comprised of 75 to 95% same-crop grapes to legally use the term “single vintage.” As long as a producer abides by that percentage, they can label their bottle as vintage.

Why is considering the vintage significant?
Considering the wine’s vintage is extremely important, especially if you’re a wine collector. It could mean the difference between a mediocre $100 bottle and an exceptional $3,000 wine with a 100-point score from critics. Wines from some of the rarer vintages even get sold out years before release.

What Is a Non-Vintage Wine?
Non-vintage wines are wines blending grapes from multiple crops. As a result, they will not have a year printed on the label, or will simply have “N.V.” to denote the fact its contents are not from a single harvest.

Non-vintage wine quality will vary, as with vintage wines. Many are lauded for consistency and cost-consciousness, though, representing a good value for more casual wine drinking.

Which Is Better: Vintage or Non-Vintage Wine?
This is very subjective depending on what you are looking for. There are fantastic bottles of both single vintages and non-vintages available online and in liquor stores. Non-vintages will offer more diversity and flexibility, particularly when it comes to blends combining several complementary grape varietals to produce a creative new favorite. In contrast, vintages provide a deep-dive into a specific wine region, a micro-climate and even a winemaker’s bottling skills and expertise in ways non-vintages can’t.

What Makes a Good Vintage?
Several variables go into determining if a vintage is “good.” Remember, though, that good wine is often subjective, blurring the taste, aroma, tannin and acidity preferences of the drinker with the objective quality of the harvested grapes and a winemaker’s vinification techniques. Your preferences may or may not actually align with what the experts herald as a great vintage. However from a wine expert or sommelier's point of view, the main variables to a good vintage heavily relies on the Growing Season Conditions, Sunshine and Temperature. You can CLICK HERE to download and check Wine Enthusiast's Vintage Chart.

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