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Shop best ROSE WINE online in Singapore direct from the world's top wineries. FREE delivery for min order.

Shop best ROSE WINE online in Singapore direct from the world's top wineries. FREE delivery for min order.

What is Rose? 
Rose wines are a popular style of pinkish wine made from red grapes that are enjoyed all over the world. The word Rose means “pink” in French, and it describes all wines that are rosy shades of pink. Rose wines have fruit and floral notes of red wines, but they’re lighter with less alcohol and tannins. Rose wines start with red wine grapes. The color in red wine comes from the skin, so to make Rose, the winemaker removes the skins from the juice quickly before it turns dark red. Rose wine comes in both sweet and dry styles, so it’s easy to find one to please your palate. Pink wines labeled “blush,” “Moscato Rose wine,” or “White Zinfandel” are usually sweet Rose wines, while ones labeled as “Rose,” “Brut Rose,” or “Rosato” from Italy are usually dry Rose wines.

What Does Rose Taste Like? Rose's flavor profile is fresh and fruity. Think a light red, like grenache, with some extra brightness and crispness, expect flavours of red fruits and flowers. Each type of rose will taste slightly different based on the type of grapes used to produce it, ranging from savory to dry rose wine to sweet rose wine. This wine is also best drunk young, as roses are rarely, if ever, made for ageing. Serving them chilled is preferred and often advised on the labels themselves.

What are the popular rose wine regions? The french rose wines are probably the most common in the market. Cotes de Provence rose wines takes up over 90 per cent of the wine produced in the region and is the epicentre of rose production globally, thus this has become a significant part of the national wine economy in France. Provence rose is known for its dry and delicate taste and light orange-tinted pink color. Rose made in Provence is typically made from Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvedre, and Syrah grapes. Procençal rose is perceived to be a premium rose and commands a higher price. Most of their rose comes in beautiful unique shaped bottles, a magnum rose wine bottle definitely stands out from the crowd! The classic Rose Champagnes account for 3-5% of the total Champagne production in the Champagne AOC. The color is produced by adding some Pinot Noir wine to the Champagne blend. Other French Rose wine regions include Languedoc Roussillon, Jura, and Bordeaux.

Italian Rose Wine are produced throughout the country. The northern parts produce more elegant and soft Italian Roses, while the southern parts produce the full-bodied, dry Rose. In Tuscany, you’ll find a sweeter Rose made with the Sangiovese grape varietal. In Spain, they are most often made from Garnacha or Grenache rose wines are some of the most familiar in various regions, Mouvedre (Monastrell) or Tempranillo are also just as common and are often blended together. Spanish Rose wine comes in different styles, more or less colored or sweet. Spanish roses are generally bright is color and rather dry in style. They are all refreshing to help beat the summer heat. Pinot Noir rose wines are on the rise in wine regions in the US. The grape is also used for various Sparkling Rose wines in the UK.

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