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What are sweet wines?
Sweet wines or some may call it dessert wine, and while there is no standard guidance for what constitutes a dessert wine, it generally comes down to sugar. At the most basic level of its classification, a wine is typically placed in either a dry or sweet category. Wines that retain a high amount of residual sugar following fermentation are classified as sweet wines. Wines with low levels of residual sugar following fermentation fall into the dry category.

What types of sweet wines are there?
They are basically categorised into
1 - Sparkling Dessert Wine. The carbonation and high acidity in sparkling wine makes it taste less sweet than is actually is! Certain grape varieties smell sweeter than others. Moscato d'Asti certainly is the most popular in this dessert wine style.
2 - Lightly Sweet Dessert Wine. Lightly sweet wines are refreshingly sweet; perfect for a warm afternoon. Many of these sweet wines pair well with spicy foods like Indian or Southeast Asian cuisine. German sweet wines are well known for their Kabinett Rieslings, while Gewurztraminer and Rieslings from Alsace are fairly common in this wine style too.
3 - Richly Sweet Dessert Wine. Richly sweet wines are made with the highest quality grapes in an unfortified style. Many of these wines can age 50+ years because sweetness and acidity preserve their fresh flavor. There are several ways to produce richly sweet dessert wines and you can understand them better by how they’re made. The most notorious type of wine in this category is ice wine or eiswein which are fairly rare and expensive for two reasons. One, it only occurs in bizarre years when a vineyard freezes. And two, ice wine must be harvested and pressed while grapes are still frozen!
4 - Sweet Red Wine. Sweet reds fairly uncommon in the market. However, if you are able to find some, they might be interesting and worth trying! The majority of these awesome sweet red wines are from Italy using esoteric grapes. Brachetto d'Acqui made with Brachetto grapes from the Piedmont region. Famous for its floral and strawberry aromas as well as its affinity to pairing with cured meats. Recioto, made in the same painstaking process as Amarone wine, Recioto della Valpolicella is lush, bold and rich. Simply Delicious!
5 - Fortified Wine. Fortified wines are made when grape brandy is added to a wine and can either be dry or sweet. Most fortified wines are higher in alcohol content (about 17-20% ABV) and have a longer shelf life after they are opened. Some of the popular types of fortified wine include sweet port wine from Portugal and Sherry from Spain.

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