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1 CTN = 12 bottles

Dry residue at 180 °C 0.041 g/l

Very low mineral content water

pH 6.8

Sodium 0.001 g/l

Temperature at spring 6.9 °C

Nitrates (NO3-) 0.005 g/l

Ideal for low-sodium diets

Surgiva is a water which is only slightly mineralised and is classified, owing to its ionic composition, as bicarbonate-calcium water. It is suitable for low-sodium diets and can be a diuretic. It is only slightly mineralised: the low fi xed residue ( just 41,0 mg/l), which indicates the amount of minerals present in the water, makes it light, easily digestible and gives it a pleasantly neutral taste, which does not alter the taste of foods and wines.

And it is for this reason that AIS (the Italian Association of Sommeliers) has chosen itas its oficial water. Suitable for low-sodium diets: high-sodium water or drinks are not recommended for those people who suffer from hypertension and it has been proved that an excess of sodium is one of the main causes of cellulite.

The very low levels of nitrates testifies to the extraordinary purity of the source. Nitrates constitute a indicator of pollution, which can be either organic or inorganic, originating from industrial zones but in particular from nitrogenous fertilisers used in agriculture.

Surgiva contains just 5,0 mg/l of nitrates; while the legal limit is 45 mg/l which is lowered to 10 mg/l in water for consumption by children. The exceptional qualities of Surgiva are protected by its distinctive glass bottle, the packaging that it always dons to bring a touch of class to the tables of restaurants and wine bars, to be accompanied to good taste.